Post by iconPost by Chuck32 | 2012-01-12 | 06:42:17

Is it correct to assume the VORG will begin leg 3 at the same time as the actual boats, i.e., 14 Jan 14:00 (UTC, 10:00)?
Does the SS have the current wind forecast? I would be interested in watching how the predicted course changes with each forecast if possible during next 48 hours.

Greetings to all and a BIG THANKS to our host Cvetan.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-01-12 | 09:37:31
Yes, it'll probably start with the real boats. The forecast is updated regardless of the current races. I'll add the start/finish/gates for the next leg after they are announced.
Post by iconPost by L23Zero | 2012-01-12 | 16:34:06
VORG info sais start of the 3rd Leg, on Saturday 14th of January, 11:00 UTC (14:00 local time)
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2012-01-13 | 18:25:25
VORG have changed the above information to:

START TIME LEG 3: 11:00 UTC / 12:00 CET /15:00 local Abu Dhabi Time
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-01-12 | 10:31:34
.. But so far it seems that we are going to have few days to think about Indian Ocean strategy while waiting for wind in the Gulf of Oman ;)
Post by iconPost by Moortanic | 2012-01-12 | 11:06:11
Looks like it's getting windy there by the time we're supposed to be there, or...?
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2012-01-12 | 16:57:46
My original point was the game developers/controllers? have not interpreted the race start time correctly (in my humble opinion that is). Abu Dhabi is on GST which is UTC +4. So if the real race starts at 14:00 hrs local time then the real race starts at 10:00 UTC and not 11:00 UTC as the VORG is advertising. The virtual race can begin when ever the game controllers want it to begin.
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2012-01-12 | 18:00:20
I will be ready! [Also if I'm skiing in the Alps (Champoluc) at present]

Kindly make me a favour, help the race board removing any walls/rocks/flag poles while leaving the harbour...

Fair Winds
Post by iconPost by blackwidow | 2012-01-13 | 14:24:10
Do i need a new extension for leg 3
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-01-13 | 16:15:39
No. It gets the current leg automatically since the start of Leg 2.

I'll add the marks to the chart later today.
Post by iconPost by Flag_em | 2012-01-13 | 18:30:23
Time for start as I saw it was 1100 UTC, 1500 local time. Which is 0400 where I am... yawwwwwn!
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2012-01-13 | 18:48:18
0700 where I am. If we started the same time as the real boats we would be starting at 0300 for you and 0600 for me.
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