Post by iconPost by Sversal | 2013-11-04 | 23:29:28

Hi Cvetan,

I notice that there is some trouble since the beginning of the Leg 3. The hour when the wind changes in Zezo is wrong. An hour too early compared with the game.

08.00 and 20.00 UTC + 1 in the game vs 06.00 and 18.00 UTC in Zezo.

Is this something that you could fix ?

Thanks again for your fantastic tool



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Post by iconPost by pollsall7 | 2013-11-04 | 23:52:37
Hi Bertrand, have noticed similar point which clearly affects the optimisation process. Reported this under the Clipper 2013-14 topic section as well. I think the actual wind change is working ok but the predicted time to the next wind change is currently 1 hour less than actual. Hope Cvetan can sort it out. Have a good trip
Post by iconPost by Sversal | 2013-11-05 | 01:07:37
Thanks pollsall7. I have also seen the report in The Clipper 2013-2014 topic section.

All the users agree : the winds of the wind change are OK. It's just the time of the wind change wich is predicted one hour earlier.

The reason is probably the recent change of time (summer/winter) in France. Virtual Regatta takes it into account and not yet the optimiser. Thus the difference of time.

Trust in Cvetan to fix it.

Have a good trip too.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-11-05 | 14:26:09
Fixed. Added the correct destination too.

Am I the only one who does not get email from VR about Clipper starts or it's part of the game - staying alert and following external sources? I'm missing second start in a row.
Post by iconPost by Paula | 2013-11-05 | 15:24:12
No email notification from VR for me either and I also missed the
last two starts :(
Post by iconPost by zzeo | 2013-11-05 | 14:31:13
Virtual race start at the same time as the real one.
Post by iconPost by PhilMaur | 2013-11-05 | 14:37:16
Thanks a lot !!!
Post by iconPost by Sversal | 2013-11-05 | 15:11:49
Thanks so much Cvetan !

Quick and fine as usual.
Post by iconPost by pollsall7 | 2013-11-05 | 18:05:36
Thanks Cvetan, once more to the rescue.
Post by iconPost by charly | 2013-11-09 | 16:29:57
Hi Cvetan
I have noticed that some wind cells are not identified and supported by the little window with all the relative info at the entry and exit along the line of the route although the wind speed and direction are different. Will this ultimately have an effect on the overall route calculation? It has affected my route decisions as I do all my calculations by hand. Hope it can be rectified. Thanks Cvetan
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-11-09 | 16:31:43
Can you give me an example so I can check what's going on? Coordinates at which this happens?
Post by iconPost by charly | 2013-11-09 | 20:58:06
Hi Cvetan
47 30S 50 30E to 49 00S 53E are indicated on the route but the intersecting point at 48 30S is not. Is this sufficient or you need more?
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