Jules Verne Trophy
Post by iconPost by kikepalmer | 2023-12-19 | 19:50:55

Good morning,
Why can't I start a new attempt at the regatta?
The options to do so are not activated.


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Post by iconPost by kikepalmer | 2023-12-22 | 19:32:05
They say that with the latest update the error of being able to make a new attempt in the record regattas is fixed and that is NOT the case, the error continues.

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2024-01-03 | 17:00:50
Apparently VR has changed to 0.25... Can Zezo be updated accordingly?
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2024-01-10 | 13:08:12
It seems like there's something weird with the router's polars in this race now... It has me switching from C0 to HG in a few hours while sailing TWA 130 in 30 kts. I just woke up, so maybe I'm mis-reading something...?

Edit: Whatever that was... It's gone. No worries now. :-)

Another edit: Now the problem is back. Weird. Just me? I think maybe it's using the Arkea polars?

Post by iconPost by feg-ITA | 2024-01-10 | 19:27:25
starting from this afternoon zezo doesn't work in the JV. There are some other that has the same problem?
Post by iconPost by sgb | 2024-01-10 | 20:08:30
JV doesn't work for me, other races do.
Post by iconPost by ludo13470 | 2024-01-10 | 21:16:49
Same problem for me, only JV doesn't work.
Post by iconPost by sgb | 2024-01-10 | 23:45:17
For me, it seems to be chrome issue, it works with safari.
Post by iconPost by KovA-HUN | 2024-01-13 | 10:35:25
Hi Guys, for me the clear cache and cookies under chrome is solved this issue.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2024-01-16 | 18:56:24
Sorry, got the two races mixed and the JV got ice limits on ONE of the machines, so it was failing randomly. Shod be working now.
Post by iconPost by ogin8 | 2024-02-02 | 10:47:24
Wind at Zezo does mot match with VR, I'm afraid.
Post by iconPost by alain_3869 | 2024-02-09 | 14:03:34
For your information, and following my warning to VR, a procedure to exclude cheaters "à la frigate" is underway
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