Track lines in VR Dashboard
Post by iconPost by olafgunarson | 2021-08-17 | 05:57:51

Hi all,
Maybe someone already asked this question but I was wondering if the track lines drawn on the map in VR Dashboard are true or approximated.

Sometimes I see some skippers crashing their boat on the cost when actually some tracks are more near than them from the coast ...

Sorry I speak english like a spnaish Cow!


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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-08-17 | 12:38:50
The track lines in Dashboard are interpolations between the 5 minute update points since that's where Dashboard gets its data from. Since the boats can move in 1 minute increments, and when on waypoints, more frequently than that, they may have deviated from that line.

If you have waypoints set, you can use Dashboard to see your future path. In that case it's extremely accurate and you can check if you are properly rounding a mark for instance. In rounding a land feature though, you have to be careful, since Dashboard and the game use different maps. No one knows where the game gets its map. That's a common question here.
Post by iconPost by olafgunarson | 2021-08-18 | 06:18:21
Thanks a lot BooBill, it answered my question then, even someone crashed but the track line sems more near to the coast, actually it is rounded.


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