Heading true wind curve indicators
Post by iconPost by acividini | 2023-05-22 | 18:37:19

Please, how do you use the red and green true wind angle and heading indicators.

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Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2023-05-23 | 15:45:26
Red is a straight line indicating your course (or heading) while the green line is the True Wind Angle (TWA) indicator of where the router is forecasting you to be if you continue on that TWA.

If anyone can help me with the Blue Line's purpose,please? I have noticed that it is close to the red, but the angle increases the closer we get to the higher northern or southern latitudes
Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2023-05-26 | 17:24:02
Blue is the orthodromic route
Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2023-05-27 | 04:44:21
Meaning what in plain English, please.
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2023-05-27 | 10:27:46
The blue line is the great circle line - the shortest distance between two points on a sphere. It's the line the boat follows between position waypoints. It's as straight a you can get on a circle, but heading is not constant.

The red line (constant heading) is also called a loxodromic and it's actually not straight.
Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2023-05-28 | 17:23:04
Thank You!
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