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Good evening.

Here is the exact world map for Virtual Regatta in GeoJSON format : https://fromsmash.com/CartoVR-GeoJSON
Backup link : https://transfert.free.fr/wbboWm

Part 1 : create the file for the race you need.

You can merge parts for a specific race with this tool : https://findthatpostcode.uk/tools/merge-geojson
To help you find the parts to merge together, the 2nd and 3rd number in the filename are the longitude/latitude of the North/West corner of the tile.
Rename this new merged file : xxx.geojson

Part 2 : To Integrate this file in the dashboard, follow the next steps :
1-Download and unzip the Dashboard : https://github.com/mak08/VRDashboard (code/download zip)
2-Edit the file dashboard.js
3-Search for those lines
// Customize & init map
var bounds = race.gbounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();
4-Add those lines below :
// Carto
fillColor: 'green',
strokeWeight: 1
5- Copy the xxx.geojson in the dashboard folder
6- Now you can sail along the coasts

Part 3 : You will need a Google maps API key (free for a small amount of requests)
Go to Dashboard.html Line 13 and replace with your own API Key

Here is a shortcut to the geojson file for Figaro 2 & Figaro 3 : https://fromsmash.com/Figaro-GeoJSON
backup link : https://transfert.free.fr/pVJppF

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