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Post by iconPost by DeskSailor | 2021-03-18 | 13:23:31

I am curious if anyone else no longer gets a full screen view when they click on the small square just underneath bottom right of the game screen, the dark blue square has the diagonally opposing white arrows.

It used to work but for a few weeks I only get a partial expansion along with white square top right and matching black square bottom right with black strip extending along the bottom.

Close expansion box doesn't work either, if it ever did.

Although I reported it as a bug and got a reply (Jennifer) then supplying screenshots, usual no action and closing the ticket.

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-03-18 | 13:53:02
Same probelm with the full screen view. That started last week. It would appear there is a max resolution now, so if you have a really big monitor it won't go full screen.

You can still hide all the other boats. Just click the "all boats" box and it will alternate between everyone and just you.
Post by iconPost by DeskSailor | 2021-03-18 | 17:39:33
Thanks for confirmation on full screen.

Team mate said about click and double click on the buttons now to view only your boat. Had only found it on the team mates button before your post.

Irritating to have changed functionality of buttons without announcement so you get apparent loss of a feature only to find it again later.

Went around that first mark on Maitre Coq obscured by team mates!
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