Origin of the name ZEZO
Post by iconPost by Jeanbern19 | 2022-02-23 | 14:47:56

I would like to know where the origin of the word "ZEZO" comes from?
Is it an acronym, or an idea that came to you like that!?
thank you to all of you

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Post by iconPost by Jeanbern19 | 2022-02-23 | 23:01:16
Z is for zest, your zeal for life.

E is for enjoy, your life can be fun!

Z is for zany, the funny side of you!

O is for original, one of a kind!

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2022-02-25 | 16:14:29
It's my personal nickname since before the internet. Like 8-bit computer games in the late 80's.

The short name for Tsvetan in Bulgarian is Tsetso ot Tzetzo, depending in what language you'd write it. Most of them lack that specific TZ sound. But if you read zezo in say, German, it would be somehow close to my real name.

But then after the BBS years and working in early ISPs I became known as zezo with z (зезо) in real life too and people still call me that way.
Post by iconPost by Jeanbern19 | 2022-02-25 | 20:34:03
Good evening ,
Thank you for your explanation
We understand better now, indeed we could look for a long time (hehe)
Good evening to you

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