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Post by iconPost by Paspox | 2021-07-01 | 20:32:44

For the NY-SF record race, I was wondering what the green background for the predicted times means.
I know it means "good window" but "good" in respect to what ?
In respect to last year's record ? back then, it was on a Maxi 100 and I believe this time it's on an Ultim +10%.
Or is it based on some kind of boat average/top speed and if you are close to that speed, you are green.
Something else ?

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-07-03 | 13:41:42
Since this race has been run several times, and two years ago it was also in Ultim +10%, I believe it's based upon experience of what's a good run.

For what it's worth, I tend to look a little past Ponte Pedras when deciding when to start my run. The run from there past Rio is a totally different weather system and a common run killer.

Of course, the biggest run killer on this route is the last 500 miles, and for that, you're going to have to have to sail hard for 30 days and then get poked in the eye as soon as you think you can see the finish.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2021-07-03 | 16:14:22
Since the end is so unpredictable, there's good news and bad news on trying to run predicted times... The good news is that it isn't worth stressing about. Pick a time that you're happy with, and give it a go. See what happens later. The bad news is that you won't know if you have a chance until after the finish.

Usually, it's impossible to finish two runs in this event... But with it being Ultim+10, maybe it'll be possible this time for those who started ASAP after the race opened.

I'll be offline in the wilderness for two weeks later this month, so I can't finish a run if I start before I go. I'm not sure if there will be enough time for me to finish a run after my trip. If a decent window opens after my return, I'll probably give it a try. But... Don't wait to see when I start. My timing in this one won't be particularly strategic.
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