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Post by iconPost by ikipotati | 2021-04-02 | 15:44:56

Simply now...what are VSR and XP points all about? Or, where can I read about it in real English?

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-04-02 | 21:12:22
VSR stands for Virtual Sailing Ranking - It's supposed to be a leaderboard of your world ranking.

XP are experience points. Those are cumulative points you get for finishing races. It's somehow proportional to the amount of money you've wasted on the game.

VSR has gone through a number of variations. Until recently it was modelled on an ELO system. It rewarded consistent good finishes and punished poor results extremely. People cared a lot about climbing up the ranking or staying on the top.

In January this year, they revamped the VSR to be a cumulative total (finishers - your position) that was added on top of an initial seeding based on the old system. Now it is virtually the same as XP and people care a lot less about it. If you decline to participate in even one race you will crash down the leaderboard and never be able to get back up.

All the various formula are here in this calculator kindly produced and maintained by BGSteMarine

Post by iconPost by Calonectris | 2021-04-19 | 10:13:46
Two technical questions...
1. Is the nb of finishers to be found anywhere in the platform, except by reconstituting it by summing up one's rank and VSR points?
2. Also, what is the difference between the nb of skippers that is visible on the description panel of a given race once it is closed (e.g. currently, 76801 for the Nord Stream Race 2) and when the rank of a given skipper is displayed (e.g. BooBill ranked 2122/81531 suggesting there were 81531 skippers in the same race).
Post by iconPost by NumeroDixTV | 2021-04-03 | 08:40:32
On twitch 2 days ago, they announced they gonna change again the VSR this year.
Post by iconPost by DeskSailor | 2021-04-19 | 13:25:53
What's the Twitch account, please?
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-04-03 | 12:18:00
I sure hope so. Under the current system, someone who does every race and finishes middle of the field would rank higher than someone who wins 4 out of 5 races and takes the last one off. It basically ranks participation, not success.

I think, their thinking was that would force top players to do every race and pay for the full pack for each. For a handful of people might have worked, but for many, like me, it just got me to stop caring about my ranking.

In a small way it's even back fired on them. Normally I have no interest in the slow boat races (Tara, Magellan etc), but this last one I entered late with no options, which earned me some credits for no investment of cash. That's a small amount of money I won't have to spend on the next race I do care about and will fully load my boat.
Post by iconPost by DeskSailor | 2021-05-06 | 10:31:12
Shouldn't the last Tara race's points have kicked in for the ranking by now? as race closed 05/05/21 2100 UTC.
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