Defi Atlantique 2/2
Post by iconPost by Ben | 2023-04-14 | 10:07:41

Soon "Defi Atlantique 2/2" on SailingSimlator?

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Post by iconPost by Ben | 2023-04-15 | 17:30:01
Post by iconPost by ski-lesson | 2023-04-16 | 15:57:16
Just a question, and sorry for my ignoring.
On the "predicted time" windows, what's mean :
16.4 06z ...
I think it will be the time of weather forecast, so the 16/04 at 06:00 GMT.
"z" could be "Zeit" in German so "Time" ?
I presume it is the GMT forecast time ?
It will be just logical but it's just the fruit of a reflection...
Thank you
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2023-04-16 | 19:03:53
The Z comes from "Zulu" time, which is a historical name for the GMT which is historical name for what we now call UTC ;-)

In the GFS terminology 00z refers to a weather model based on input data collected at 0h UTC. The data collection and preparation takes some time, so the first forecast output is available few hours later.
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