Log-in VR game marathon..
Post by iconPost by theo | 2021-05-01 | 11:37:10

Hello ppl, I believe you all have the same shit to get in-game for the 1st time. This time though it took me a bit less than 12 min with 2 disconnects, instead of "the usual" one. It was already very awkward and embarrassing for VR, especially with all the newcomers that massively were attracted by VG. Since then, every time I'm sure that in the next race,(I only take part in long races) login won't be like that and the game will be ..better, but every time I'm surprised to see it worst. The N.Stram 3 login, broke the record with 12 min and 2 DCS. I read half my newspaper while waiting. I wonder if VR will let it as it is until every record is broken and nobody can ..login to the game anymore. Not at least while in his lifetime. This company, this CEO must be a totally unique case in the western world. I dont know how to figure out that guys. I can't figure out how come, with today's very advanced game technology, a game can be suffering forever from countless catastrophic bugs. The only goal achieved with that "engine" change is reasonable rankings. The rest got worst and is not getting any better so far. Today, after so long from VG and the new engine, a card in your programmer can be ruing yr game at any time and that is not the only catastrophic bug, not to mention the countless other, non-catastrofic bugs that are very annoying anyway. Now, more than any other time, you must be a very good VR-Sailor to win a race. Meaning a good tactician ofcrs, surely a very talented sailor in every aspect -no doubt about it- but that is not enough to enter the top 200 in VR regattas. Above all, you must be VERY experienced in dodging the lithal bugs and very lucky, so you be there, to dodge the bug when the event happens. That is totally unpredictable and your yacht can be randomly struck at any time. Anyway, got that log-in to remember and wrote a book lol. Cyou in a couple of hours at the starting line. Fair winds guys and good luck with the bugs

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Post by iconPost by pmangino | 2021-05-01 | 12:32:39
Totally agreed. Programming navegation is almost impossible.
Quality of the plataform is on the ground.
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-05-01 | 15:40:28
This is why a lot of people are moving over to RealSail.net.

It's still in beta, and not without some bugs that crop up, but the developers are on it in real-time. You make a bug report in the Discord channel and other users and the developers will be in there promptly. No form letter that basically says FOAD from Jessica 3 days later.

Right now, since it's in beta, it's free. When they go to production, probably within a few weeks, it will be a modest pay to play ($5 a race?) or monthly subscription. True one design. No pay to win.

Only thing it's missing is Zezo support, so far. Hint hint.

You can give it a try at beta.realsail.net
Post by iconPost by DeskSailor | 2021-05-06 | 10:26:58
Does anyone play Virtual Loup-de-Mer?
Post by iconPost by SPRexxii | 2021-05-16 | 00:53:09
Realsail will be less than VR in the beginning but kick its A$$ within a year or so....The frogs want the cost of a bottle of Luk Belaire for a single race. I'm done paying to be abused by sh*t code unless you are a goddess brunet who washes my laundry, and I already have one of those!
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