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Post by iconPost by Gypaete | 2022-01-24 | 07:06:25

Hello, why the hours for Singapour express are in CET ? The others races are in UTC.

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Post by iconPost by Rostef | 2022-01-25 | 18:09:34
Zezo uses UTC for records, CET for normal races. CET is as far as I know the time VR uses as standard, so it makes sense to keep the same as the game. For records, where it is most important to choose your starting time according to the gribs, it makes sense to use UTC as it matches with the grib's time.
Post by iconPost by Kontanwezot | 2022-01-26 | 20:57:43
Ok, thank you. (Gypaete it’s me but i’m forget my password !) 😜
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