lost the red informations on the routeur
Post by iconPost by wawanagain | 2021-11-20 | 18:10:16

Hi, please can somebody help me ? I am lost . I can't find anymore the red informations that appears on the routeur when you put your cursor on the spots ? is it normal ? Usualy there are also lines that appears when you move the mouse, but there are no more line ? Arghhhhhhhhh :) Thanks for your answers

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Post by iconPost by wawanagain | 2021-11-20 | 18:22:15
Yes , bug fixed !! Let's win this race !!
Post by iconPost by francois | 2021-11-22 | 18:04:28
Hi, I have the same problem. How to solve it ?
Post by iconPost by eric62290 | 2021-11-22 | 18:40:56

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