Post by iconPost by Merdead | 2023-05-24 | 14:37:56

great tool, I appreciate this seriously and pull my hat for such programming knowledge.
I have a few things though:
1) I'm using an android tablet with firefox. Each time I change from VR to the browser it reloads the site entirely and often forgets the last position I have typed in. And then when changing back to VR the game needs to reload all again too. With all that annoying animations and so on. 4 GB RAM should be alright?
2) On windows it's quite easy to get the informations out of the black path dots, on android/firefox it's not. Sometimes I'm tipping and tipping again and again on the dot, but only the small window with wind informations pops up, not the one with course info.
3) Couldn't find any information in the "how to use" Q&A about how to use the red and green lines showing a heading course and the true wind angle.
4) I wondered if there's any way to receive a track list with firefox too? I'm not using google products as far as poosible.

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Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2023-05-26 | 15:04:42
have you tried Brave browser ?
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2023-05-29 | 00:30:54
It sounds like your tablet is configured to clear the app memory on switching as that should not happen. Maybe it does not have much memory. Or do you have some kind of memory optimiser running? That is the sort of thing the do
Post by iconPost by yucatan | 2023-05-31 | 04:54:48
hello to all, I erased the history of google and I no longer have the toxcct tool it is empty does anyone have a solution to recover it, thank you jm
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