How to manage buoys during absence
Post by iconPost by thecrush | 2021-05-26 | 08:16:36

Dear all,

Zezo does not allow placing an intermediate waypoint. So how do you manage to pass a buoy in the middle of the night? For example on the Vela I place the destination point in Madeira, and I will be absent once the buoy has been reached. How can I then find the best route after the buoy before passing it? thank you so much

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Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2021-05-26 | 08:46:33
Not possible
Post by iconPost by thecrush | 2021-05-26 | 13:06:10
thanks a lot, but how do you manage the buoys when you are sleeping? :)

Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2021-05-26 | 13:36:37
A waypoint.
Several waypoints...
I have the 15 WP of VIP.
That allow me to sleep! Even if not FP.
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-05-27 | 10:43:12
You can set your start location on the other side of the buoy at a location and distance that has you arrive at the buoy at the same time as you will coming from the correct direction. That will then give you a good idea of the route from the buoy to the destination if you pass the buoy at that time.
Post by iconPost by thecrush | 2021-05-28 | 09:01:27
thanks a lot for your help
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