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Post by iconPost by Rby44 | 2021-01-26 | 13:16:35

I can't find any explanation for the various lines on the Map tab.
1. Red I assume is the constant heading line
2. Green is the constant wind angle line
3. But what is the blue line which is close to the red line?
4. On the suggested route the black line with the course change points is pretty obvious I hope! But in some places the is a red line which closely tracks the black line. What does that show?
Apologies for ignorance but I've only just started using zezo.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-26 | 14:00:40
The blue line is the orthodrome (great circle) - straight line on the sphere. You sail it when you set a waypoint, and it makes a difference at high latitudes.

The track is the actual router output. Black track is filtered a bit so you don't get black dot every 10 minutes (black line connects the black dots). Past 24 hours the black dots don't appear at significant condition changes (twa/hdg), just at regular intervals, so there is no red line.

There were times when the game used 1-degree "wind squares" and some of the stuff is leftover from those pre-interpolated wind times.

The documentation is about 10 years out of date too.

Post by iconPost by Rby44 | 2021-01-26 | 16:18:15
Thanks for the clarification.

One last thing - when you say "The track is the actual router output" do you mean the red track line?

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