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Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2023-11-07 | 14:22:05

I logged the following concern (in "Italics" below) under the topic 'Cafe 93 Center of Display' on 22 October, and did not have any response. That was for something I noticed on the Cafe-93 race. It is not a serious problem, but I would like to know if anyone else experience it and if there is a solution, because it is quite irritating!

Currently I notice the same problem in the Jules Verne Trophy timed and the Class-40 races, but not in any of the other three current races I partake in

"Good Day, I find that in the Cafe 93 race, every time I open the page, it is centered at the starting position, and showing the predicted weather for 96 hours into the future. Other races are opened at my last position, normally. Is there something wrong, or just a setting that I am missing?"

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Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2023-11-08 | 23:02:24
Are you opening it from a saved bookmark? The url may contain those settings
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