See when friends are registered for a race
Post by iconPost by Agach | 2021-11-25 | 18:03:02


Is it, or could it be possible, to see through the dashboard, if some friends have registered for an upcoming race?

I want to race with some of them but I don't want to have to ask all of them which race they plan on doing.

Hope it makes sense,

Thank you

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Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2021-11-25 | 19:49:37
I don't know if VR provides the information before the race start at all, but currently Dasboard only uses the "getfleet" messages which are only sent when the race has started.

Post by iconPost by PML | 2021-11-26 | 09:53:47
From the "Home" section, if you enter the name of a player in the field "Player name?", click on the magnifier and then click on the name of that player in the "MESSAGES" window that pops up, you can see all the races that player is participating in (or has registered for).

This procedure is a bit burdensome as it can only be done one for player at a time, but at least you don't need to ask all your friends.
Post by iconPost by Agach | 2021-11-26 | 11:03:37
Ok I see, thanks
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