VR, Zezo, Qtvlm card offsets
Post by iconPost by Ben | 2021-03-27 | 15:46:16

This is the first time that I see this
On QTVLM (basic maps) and Zezo I am in the middle of Santa Maria Island, so routings
On QTVLM (CM93 cards) and VR I am well outside the island

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Post by iconPost by Baker | 2021-03-27 | 17:49:18
yes, I had the very same problem. For a little while the router was not able to draw the route, just a couple of very close points, no way to obtain something different also setting the destination in odd positions. I guess I was inside the island as well... in truth I was a bit south of it. All back to normal as long as I cleared the rock.

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