ARKEA Ultim : no more zezo routing available
Post by iconPost by jim | 2024-01-27 | 10:23:12

Hi Cvetan,
Routing seems KO either on computer (launched via the VR Dasboard) or cell phone. No dots nor info appear. It does not seem to be a a matter of display of the points, as route zezo on the computer does not display any information either. Also when trying to reduce the number of days and push the zooming to 100% but it seems still KO.
Launching the routing via the ITYC dashbord displays the following message : "Unsupported race, no router support yet".
Please advise (if possible) and let me know if I can be of some help.
Best regards and many thanks for the whole job.

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Post by iconPost by jim | 2024-01-27 | 10:25:35
It's back now, after having sent the post. I will let you know. Best regards.
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