Boat position extraction from VR
Post by iconPost by Adr1an0 | 2021-09-26 | 21:25:19

Hello everyone!

Two years ago played a lot of virtual regatta. Now after two years I am ready to start again.I remember that two years ago I was clicking on my boat and I was able to see my coordinates on a pop-up on the left of the display. I then wrote the coordinates into zezo to get my optimal route.

I'm getting ready for the mini Transat but I can't find the coordinators of boats anymore.

How do you guys find the position of your boat and how do you import it into zezo?

Sorry for the question

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Post by iconPost by Lazy_Hikers_Finland | 2021-09-26 | 21:49:04
Boat coordinates are in the 3D view.
Post by iconPost by Adr1an0 | 2021-09-27 | 06:33:08
Thanks for your message. I tried that but i can only see boat speed, wind speed, angle and distance to the finish. Will the coordinates show up only after start?
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-09-27 | 07:54:50
Use the VRDashboard Chrome Extension to have your coordinates automatically transmitted to zezo (no need to type them anymore) ;)

Post by iconPost by Adr1an0 | 2021-09-27 | 10:36:18
Thanks a lot! I wish everyone a great race!
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-09-27 | 12:55:30
If you are on the mobile app and can't access VRDashboard, you can get the coordinates in the logbook. It's next to the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen.
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