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Hi all, I am new on virtual sailing, joined the Vendée Globe late by starting south of Australia..., discovered zezo very late while crossing the equator... But I appreciated very much racing and zezo too.

Now, I am trying a new virtual game, named which looks good too (you can start from Barcelona now and join the race to Istambul because there is no wind south of Sicilia and we are all stuck for a while...).

Because is new, the game is connected neither to zezo or VR dash board or anything else.
For the routing you can use QtVLM because that software accepts uploading any polar and it is easy, from the routing menu of realsail, to export the polar of the current race. Also, you can connect to with the TCP port of your boat and it facilitates the use of QtVLM. It works great! Thank you to Qtvlm.

But I was wondering if zezo could offer a solution to import a polar? And of course to sync, in the future, with . Please, feel free to add any information on this topic. Regards

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Post by iconPost by Ultimate Victory | 2021-02-26 | 18:42:56
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