Los Angeles - Honolulu
Post by iconPost by KKPR | 2024-03-31 | 21:10:56

Will there be a zezo router for this regatta?

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Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2024-04-01 | 10:52:37
This is still working http://zezo.org/honolulu/chart.pl

But predicted times need to be updated.
Post by iconPost by KKPR | 2024-04-01 | 16:33:18
Many thanks!!!
Post by iconPost by CRISTAU | 2024-04-11 | 13:26:02
In this address http://zezo.org/honolulu/chart.pl?st=1712847600, the number is the time in seconds, if you add 3600, you add one hour. Not very convenient but better than nothing. I tried until the limit of grib, no good window for departure.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2024-04-11 | 15:56:12
Sorry, I took a little break at the start of April and missed this race.

It's configured now, the predicted times should start filling up. The colors seem a bit off, but then I don't remember the last record time.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA2 | 2024-04-11 | 18:17:02
Current leader is 104 hours. 108 hours would be roughly 200th place. Max speed on these boats is way slower than multihulls, so we won't see anything exceptionally fast. You could probably put "full green" around 100 hours, and "full red" somewhere above 124 hours. Maybe 130+.
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