Post by iconPost by Vorschiff | 2014-11-13 | 12:32:36

Hi Cvetan!

First i´d like to thank you for your excellent tool!!!
Second i´d like to ask if there is coming an update for the 2nd leg VOR on the "right-hand-mouse-klick-menue" ?

Thanks in advance! Smooth sailing ___/)___/)


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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-11-13 | 13:14:03
We don't know the details yet. VR says:

Leg 1 RACE INFO : To allow latecomers to join Cape Town, the closure is postponed to Sunday 16th 11:00 p.m. UTC

Which means we won't get the exact coordinates of the game start/finish before Sunday. I'll update the info when Leg 2 opens.

The sailing instructions for the real race Leg2 are expected soon. They announced today that the boats will sail the distance this time (they were transported last time because high risk of piracy along the African coast), but it's not clear what the marks will be.

I expect that Madagascar will have to be left to port, but the presence of another mark further NE will have great impact on strategy, along with the exact state of the low-pressure system at the moment of the start.
Post by iconPost by Vorschiff | 2014-11-13 | 13:57:30
& thx for quick response and the info that you will update!

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-11-15 | 15:46:52
I'll leave the first leg open as long it runs in the game. One of the reasons they postpone the closing is probably that the have not yet published the sailing instructions.

You can preview Leg 2 in the router by moving the boat slightly south of Cape town, checking "Ignore gates" checkbox and placing the destination somewhere around Mauritius.

Or click the link below:
Post by iconPost by knacki | 2014-11-15 | 19:12:36
Hi Cvetan!
I too would like this way just to say thank you for this really good support for the VOR Race. It is really a good help and you have my respect for that. Do please so on until we all arrive in Gothenburg.
Thank you .

Post by iconPost by Forrest | 2014-11-17 | 12:14:31
why am i going by the west coast of Africa
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-11-17 | 13:00:44
In certain weather conditions the router may not be able to get out of the harbor and around Cape of Good Hope in one run. In such cases move your starting position about 20nm W, or move the destination around 40S 30E to get an overview of the leg.

The routing will be fine as soon as we clear the Cape, and you should rely mostly on the in-game chart for sailing close to land anyway.
Post by iconPost by Forrest | 2014-11-17 | 15:01:49
i am not sure whether we have to leave the Maurtius Island to port or not
Post by iconPost by Vorschiffer | 2014-11-17 | 15:19:37
Virtual Regatta Page Officielle
14. November · Bearbeitet
#VVOR Leg 2, Cape Town - Abu Dhabi: Save the Dates!

- Opening of the leg: Monday, 17/11 at 11:00 pm UTC
- Leg Start: Wednesday, 19/11 at 4:00 pm UTC

Between Cape Town and Abu Dhabi, boats will have to leave Madagascar and Mauritius to port.

Post by iconPost by POR3505 | 2014-11-18 | 09:55:12

Where can I see polar for the VOR?

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-11-18 | 12:38:30
There is a link in the toolbar above the chart.
Post by iconPost by Micke | 2014-11-18 | 10:42:24
Disregard my last post, just found the "SI" for VORG in the forums. It seems we only get three marks: Madagascar, Mauritius, Hormuz (all left to port).

I find this a bit surprising. In the last leg, VR was very keen to make the game "as close to the real race as possible", including ice gates mid-leg and what not. For this leg, however, they skip the ice gate, skip a huge part of the African exclusion zone and the whole Iranian zone as well as the Hormuz obstruction. I can understand the reasoning to skip the last to (Iran och Hormuz) as these restrictions make the playing field very narrow close to the finish.

But, I have a hard time understanding the reasoning for leaving out the ice gate and the long exclusion line from Madagascar to Oman.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-11-18 | 13:08:32
We are unlikely to hit the ice gate, so that's not a big issue.

The platform probably lacks the functionality needed to implement the great circle line exclusion zone, and that's not something you want to develop and test on a short notice. But we may also stay out of the African one because of the weather pattern of the trade winds.

The Iran/Hormuz zone could allow us some longer tacks than in real life, but should not affect the outcome too much.
Post by iconPost by Micke | 2014-11-18 | 15:57:57
I agree that it's unlikely that the winning route will go so far west that it would intrude on the african exclusion zone, but you never know. SOL_karriv has written on the VR forum about another race from Cape Town to Abu Dhabi (using VO70's) where the winning route actually was up the African east coast.

I also don't think it's likely that we would want to go so far south as to get in trouble with the ice gate.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-11-18 | 16:07:53
The coastal option could work if you can pass west of Madagascar. With the Mauritius gate it's highly unlikely.

It looks like may enter the exclusion zone somewhere close to the Oman mark, but should not be going anywhere near Somalia.
Post by iconPost by karriv | 2014-11-19 | 12:08:05
As Micke mentioned, we did a race at last April (Cape Town to Abu Dhabi in a VO70) and then a route going steeply west from Mauritius to the east coast of Africa was the winning route by a substantial margin. With the current situation and experience from leg 1 I would be wary to even consider that route;(

Another question, you currently don't show isochrones south of 45S, does that mean that your engine doesn't consider routes south of the mentioned latitude?

Oh and by the way, many thanks for your wonderful tool;)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-11-19 | 14:09:45
There is a limit at 45S as it seems unlikely to go there.

If you check the "Ignore gates" box all limits are ignored, exclusion zones too. But please don't abuse it, it's much slower and harder on the server if the route is not filtered, especially at the start when the initial direction is opposite to the final destination and the reduction heuristics can't be applied.
Post by iconPost by karriv | 2014-11-19 | 18:17:56
OK, thanks, just checked, at this point seems like no need to go that south.
Post by iconPost by POR3505 | 2014-11-18 | 19:41:52
Thank you

Post by iconPost by paradolf | 2014-11-19 | 16:55:02
What do you guys think. If setting course to 241°will the boat pass the rocks or will be grounded?
Good luck to all in second leg ;)
Post by iconPost by schmaudertamas | 2014-11-19 | 17:17:08
I belive in 241! :)
Post by iconPost by burgosdacosta | 2014-11-19 | 17:56:00
241 eheh do you guys use twa most of the time?
Post by iconPost by obloviate | 2014-11-19 | 20:16:31
:) Don't ask me, I hit Fernando last leg!!!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-11-19 | 20:21:45
Well. I forgot my auto sails off at the start. Twice. Won;t know if the clever strategy of sailing 244 because of the polars would actually work ;-)
Post by iconPost by russab | 2014-11-29 | 17:35:21
Sorry if this is a stupid Q.

In playing the VOR game I can see to leave the three marks: Madagascar, Mauritius, Hormuz to port....

BUT can I sail into the E African exclusion zone - it appears that some optimal routing solutions are taking the gamers there.... is that OK ??

All the best
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-11-29 | 17:43:18
There is no exclusion zone in the game. Just the gates.
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