Post by iconPost by Bimmer | 2015-02-02 | 16:24:31

Hey Cvetan.

Any estimate to when leg 4 is ready? VOR informations was released today.
And again-thx for your great work :-))

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Post by iconPost by Bimmer | 2015-02-02 | 17:26:09
A better question is perhaps: Do you have a normal schedule for how many days in advance you are going to have the "next" leg published. ;-).
I mean, so we dont have to ask you every time.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-02 | 18:45:19
In general I set up the new leg after the new route becomes available in the game.

BTW I'm working on the 16-day forecast for this leg, but it will have to be restricted to off-peak hours. Still have to decide the exact schedule of updates and availability.
Post by iconPost by CaptainTrooperCoc | 2015-02-04 | 14:01:29
hey zezo, I'd like to know if in the future (as soon as possible please like today or tomorrow. I am joking but i need it for the "belle ile" race because today's winds are great), we would be able to create our own charts. we could choose our boat, our waypoints for example. Because, for the "Tour de Belle Ile" race, there is no Zezo chart and i am trying to find the faster way to the finish lane but i can't find an old chart made with the "class 40" boat which is used in this race. I mean that, for example, if you want to go from Lorient to Newport with the "class 40" boat, you should use a "class 40" chart where you can set your starting point and your destination. I have already ask you this question in the contact webpage but nobody answered me.
Thanks for any answer.
Your website is so cool!You can answer me in french because i speak french and english. I send you this message in english just in order to be sure that you will undestand it :)
Captain TrooperCoc
Post by iconPost by Ganddallitt | 2015-02-05 | 16:04:31
Hi, my first posting here :-)

Thank you for your very good program.

Looking at the latest development (according to Twitter msg) I see that I am not able to get the router to reach beyond 192hrs, although the forecast can be viewed alt the way to 360 hrs (!). I reckon that was the idea? Not only the forecast?

The second issue is that I cannot get the right arrow for increasing hrs to work beyond 180hrs. But I can scroll down and select the 360 hrs forecast and click on the left arrow (decreasing increment hrs), all the way back to "Now" situation.

Link to screendump of issues:
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-05 | 16:43:58
You have to select the time duration from the drop-down box in the upper right corner.

The forecast select is a caching issue. It should go away after page reload with F5.
Post by iconPost by Ganddallitt | 2015-02-05 | 16:58:44
F5 (refresh) worked fine, and for some reason better than closing the browser which didn't solve the arrow issue.

However, the main issue still remains, which is that the router stops (see link above) at about 192hrs ahead. This is also the case when applying the timeshift, which shows the tracks 192hrs ahead from start of leg 4 (currentyl showing the forecast in +264hrs). Should this not go all the way to 360hrs (without the timeshift)? That IS the idea, right? Or is it only to show the forecast, without the router?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-05 | 17:04:51
The default routing period is 8 days. You can select longer period (up do 16 days) in the drop-down box located just to the right of the circled arrow in your screenshot. It says "8d"
Post by iconPost by Ganddallitt | 2015-02-05 | 17:14:19
Ah! Of course! *face palm*

Thanks! :-)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-05 | 17:25:08
That drop-down has been quite useless in the past few years, I've even considered removing it. The main reason for it was that in the beginning the selected period was affecting the routing time step, so you had to select 1 day to get 10-minute precision, but that's not the case anymore.
Post by iconPost by MrBigBang | 2015-02-05 | 18:50:26
Salut !

le départ est bien a 6h du matin non ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-05 | 18:51:53
06 UTC / 07 CET
Post by iconPost by MrBigBang | 2015-02-05 | 18:51:53

departure is a 6am right?
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