Post by iconPost by Elke | 2015-03-25 | 21:48:47

Hi Cvetan,

Thanks for all your work, your tool has helped me a lot in the last weeks and months and will sure do the same in the next legs of the VVOR.

But I have an idea for a possilble improvement for the future:

Your tracker shows me the fastest way from A to B. But I think it would, in some circumstances, be much better, if the tracker could show me an alternative way from A to B via C, with C as freely moveable waypoint between A and B.

You get my meaning?

Example: Right now the tracker shows me to go right through the Falkland Islands as the fastest way from south-west of Cape Horn to Itajai.
But maybe the way east or west around the Falkland Islands is only 5 minutes slower but easier to steer, so I would rather not choose the way through the Falkland Islands as it is more difficult and timeconsuming.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance


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Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-03-26 | 04:15:24
I like this suggestion and second it for review.

As posted before that sometimes the router gets in the way of consistency like that we experienced southward to NZL on the last leg. Those of us setting up for Cape Horn in about 40 hours and the approach to the Falklands are having the same problem again. There is some switching and more insistence to go west.

Yes, we can select a destination east of Stanley and can see a partial route north to Itajai but not all it as the router bails out to go west again.

So, to make it simple (if it is programming wise) to be able to see a route from home (A) to finish (B) via Stanley (C) would be very helpful. Or from A to C and on to B in other situations.
Post by iconPost by DABurleigh | 2015-03-26 | 11:54:05
Absolutely. I have been mulling how best it might be possible to show the robustness of the optimum route. Things are settling down now but a couple of days ago I played around with part-way destinations, looking at the timings and concluded I didn't want to use the optimum route if it relied on fickle winds that far ahead and simultaneously limited my sea-room.

Anything to make this less tedious would be very helpful, and the proposal is a very pragmatic and doable one (it would seem).

Edit: Oops, as you were, wind change and I'm off skimming the Krakow pensinsula on Antartica :-)
Post by iconPost by smallcraftwarning | 2015-04-01 | 16:18:39
Fully agree with this suggestion - this would be an incredibly useful tool!
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