Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2017-10-17 | 06:35:36

1. A ranking makes sense if we all compete with the same type of sailboat. The same options.
2. If we do not establish a criterion on the allowed options, the ranking loses value.
3. Some options, such as the type of sails are easily identifiable by speed. Others, like the Hull polish and the Winchs pro, are not.
4. Precisely these two, Winchs and Polish, have a cost in credits that allows to acquire them with the credits of the Start Bonus of each race, and there are still credits for the navigation cards, that allow to work, to live and to sleep.

Therefore, I propose a "W&P" Ranking for No money Sailors that follow these rules:

1. Do not buy with money any option.
2. Acquire the options Winchs pro and Hull polish
3. Use freely navigation tool cards that can be purchased with free credits.

Reaching sail is extremely effective. It significantly changes the optimal course. And it can be acquired with the 500 free credits that are added in the Bonus of the first participation, and the credits that come from the unused cards and the Arrival Bonus.
That is why I also propose a second ranking, "W&P+C0", which includes the acquisition of Reaching sail.

Currently, the route without any option is not useful for anyone.

Perhaps the route without options can be replaced by a route that includes Hull polish and Winchs pro.

Maybe you can add an option that also includes the Reaching Sail.

Would it be convenient, easy and possible to include these options in Zezo?

I think this would add value to the routes proposed by Zezo. ;)

If members of No Money Sailors Group accept this proposal, Zezo will be more popular ...

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Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2017-10-17 | 07:41:32

Also allowed the Radio alert
Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2017-10-17 | 16:41:57

If you think about it, the addition of Hull Polish and Winches does not generate significant changes in the route optimized by Zezo.

But the inclusion of Code 0 does generate a significant variation in the route ...

You think it's worth introducing an option like that, Code 0 option?
Post by iconPost by Lazy_Hikers_Finland | 2017-10-19 | 15:14:12

from nms fb :
NMS is DEAD, no further dialogue will give enough reasons one way or another to satisfy everyone, not even a majority.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-10-19 | 15:29:14
Killing the NMS has always been the VR dream. The level system and lack of global ranking is obviously part of it.
Post by iconPost by Lazy_Hikers_Finland | 2017-10-19 | 15:37:57
But I think they made a suicide. Could not agree on the rules.
Post by iconPost by Lazy_Hikers_Finland | 2017-10-19 | 15:40:34
And then again, you might be right. I wonder what % is nms? This year we do not know yet.
Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2017-10-19 | 22:38:26
VR announced on fb this morning that the VOR Prolog raised €9400 (they're donating it to the Clean Seas campaign). That's ~2.000 full option packs, right?

In contrast, the number of players registered was ~27.000.
Looks like only a small fraction of players are paying for the game (but I wonder how many players are actually racing seriously).
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-10-19 | 23:12:11
It depends on how you count the total number of players (just registered vs. logging in at least once/day etc) but the paying players are about 10%.

The competing NMS are probably less than that. Let's say 5%. But for some reason they are pain in the ass for VR. Probably just because of the NM part.
Post by iconPost by 43South | 2017-10-20 | 21:45:48
If VR gets a majority of its income from advertising then they should welcome NMS groups! Without programming etc NMS are probably online more often, and therefore increase the customer count for VR. Making their advertising revenue customers happier.
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