Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-11-26 | 12:28:30

Last night, I crossed the finish line in position was given a finish time in the general ranking and a position just under 1400. Same for the followed, country and area rank. On the city and club rank the poisition was still at 0.1 nm.

When going back to the main screen to check my RORC, only than I saw a stranded warning! My boat was stranded with 75% of the boat accross the finish cirkel...
So, sailed out at finished 1420, grmbl.

Finishing means the bow passed, right? Or is it the dot that represent my position around which my boat is drawn?
Anyone else with the same? It was to the most starboard part of the finish circle.

I've requested a redress at VR support for this buggy behaviour.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-11-26 | 12:33:50
In the world of the game physics the boat is infinitely small and is represented with the dot that would be around the mast in real life.
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-11-26 | 13:55:01
I know, but why did they give me a finish time in the classification if my infinitely small, virtual dot stranded just before the line?
(retorical question)
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-11-26 | 14:50:29
It's not a rethorical question!

Deserves an answer..And more, deserves and has to be solved.

This kind of situation, like the ranking correction positions for inumerous times for hours in a row, are errors that the VR team MUST HAVE to put in TO DO list.

If you give an arrival position, Please don't change it. It's ridiculous, or be sure that in 10 minutes time we will have the final position (more than enough time). As well as if you give an arrival to a boat, stranding it after arrival it's ridiculous...what happened first? The event of arrival, right? So it's finished!! If it was at the same time...pitty..the boat has to go to the yard but has finished either, if it strands before finish, give strand alert first.

Isn't that so simple?..

Now give those orders to your servers...Come on guys, TO DO list....

Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-11-26 | 16:24:00
okay, u r right. It deserves an answer. Resolving these bugs will also change the classification of others. It is not strange to have preliminar standings in sport events (Tour de France cycling) and even F1.

But I agree, it shouldn't be to difficult as it is just a matter of the right algorithm and some cpu time.

However, on this forum I do not expect any usefull response from VR-team. Better post these shouts in the Club House.
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-11-26 | 16:28:52
I see you already did. Just made a new topic there of my complaint on the Club House

Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-11-26 | 17:35:09
VR team read this forums even if you don't even think about it, of course, don't expect an answer here, as you also don't have in their own clubhouse..

And it is not a surprise that they come here often... if I was VR CEO I would have someone taking notes from here everyday. It's a free source of ideas and a quality and satisfaction assessement of his product and a also a source of bug and feedback from his clients.

Why do you think the card system changed? as an example

Only a idiot won't read it!

It's not very smart also to don't answer, though...
Post by iconPost by Lasse | 2017-11-26 | 14:14:29
Same thing happened to me, lost 1000+ positions. I have contacted the VR team and hope that they will correct my position.

To submit a complaint:
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-11-26 | 16:20:33
probably happened to many more sailors as it was the best position of the finish from most angles. I usually do not take risks with getting to close to land
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-11-26 | 20:43:13
Trying to cut the corner of the finish circle is always risky. Given that it's unknown how the calculations work exactly, it's better to keep a little distance from the shore.

I'm not saying it should be like that and should not be fixed, just sharing my own experience. I'd just place a waypoint around the center, clear of obstacles most of the time. Unless I'm fighting for a place in top 10, but that has not happened for a long time.
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-11-28 | 18:51:08
got a redress to 1400 (from 1420), thank you VR !

how 'bout you, Lasse?
Post by iconPost by Lasse | 2017-11-28 | 19:29:07
From 2347 back to 1209! 😀 The position I had when I discovered I was aground. 👍
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-11-28 | 19:37:40
congrats, so you beat me, well deserved!
Post by iconPost by Lasse | 2017-11-28 | 23:34:37
Thanks! :-)

Wish you good luck in RORC. You are 120 NM before me now, I'm going south and I don't know how clever that is... :-D

Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-11-28 | 21:31:48
Lucky me they didnt even bother to answer....i think they liked your zombie story .lol
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-11-28 | 21:49:55
That's because you've been trying to teach Philippe how to run his business. Repeatedly. And no, I'm not kidding, just playing Mr. Obvious.
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-11-29 | 18:11:10
humor mixed with a little sarcasm usually works a lot better than plain shouting or whining :p
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-11-30 | 03:05:11
That's not fair Mike..I used enough sarcasm and humor too :) a lot of fireworks and parties on arrival etc. remember?
Maybe you had a little push and I didn't...that usually works too :P
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-11-30 | 21:04:16
I even got a reply from support on it now. I'll keep it somewehere safe as I understand that is a rare item ;)
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-12-01 | 03:39:40

Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-11-28 | 21:57:33
Well, Mr Obvious :), I think I haven't been more assertive them most of the guys around.
And if your practical conception of being obvious has to do about someone being constructive, and the other playing revenge on him...well then..I am totally right..and so are you!

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