Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-12-08 | 09:42:41

Few questions:

1) Does anyone actually care about HL and SM card count? And WF could be marginally useful, but are better kept for the buy-back value

2) Does anyone care about the Stealth column in the status table? I'd rather use the space to add remaining AutoSail time

3) Any ideas how to reorganize the status table so it can contain more data. One ways I can think of is adding more rows per race, one with last command like in the log table and maybe one with the options/cards and other non navigation related data.

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Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2017-12-08 | 11:39:16
1. PR, WP and AS only
2. AutoSail time.

Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2017-12-08 | 12:32:27
Also, it could be nice to have a title="..." attribute (tooltip) on the Cards column, to help reminding what the card short names stand for...
Post by iconPost by Pen Glops I | 2017-12-08 | 11:55:17
Salut, je suis nouveau sur le forum mais ça fait des années que j'utilise zezo. Désolé pour mon anglais rudimentaire…

1) Je me moque complètement du compte des cartes.

2) Je n'utilise pas le mode furtif.

3) J'aimerai bien une colonne avec la place de mon bateau pour voir le progrès (ou non) de ma place dans le temps.

PS Merci pour cette aide à la navigation et tout ce travail.

Hello, I'm new to this forum but not in zezo… and sorry for my english.

1) I don't care of any card count

2) I don't use the stealth mode

3) I want a column "rank" for tracking the progress of my boat

PS Thank you for all this works.
Post by iconPost by Sir_Petrus | 2017-12-08 | 12:12:21
Fully agree with Pen Glops I
It would be nice to have the boat speed to target.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-12-08 | 12:13:47
3) Rank is not updated with every position report, so it would be somehow misleading. But maybe worth trying how it really works
Post by iconPost by WaterHammer | 2017-12-08 | 12:09:55
What amount of horizontal pixels are we talking about? I have the screen and the window at 1650 pixels and the fields look quite spacy to me. The cards field looks that it can now already reduced substantially in width. It may even occupy two lines, as the pack field does so too. To save lines however, the solo: ? indication may be removed, as you have to look anyhow in the game, to get the message in the tool.
I like the idea of having a column with rank in the growing list too. Nice to see progress development.
Autosail time is OK for me too, although I did not use that much.
Stealth really not needed so may be discarded. It may also be discarded from the game, as in the Clipper the whole top again is invisible. Very nice game to "watch"!

my $0.02
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-12-08 | 12:17:28
I'm usually on a screen with window below 1000px

The cards sometimes occupy 6 lines if they feel like it ;-)

The solo card is my pet peeve - one more think to worry about if you badly need to purchase few autopilot cards, like there are not 10 important things to follow already.
Post by iconPost by Rob | 2017-12-08 | 12:41:07
I'm quite late to the discussion on the extension (just started rolling with it on the rorc to test}. I'm thrilled and do not have any critiques at this time. Thank you Cvetan. See you in Melbourne.

Rob {Sally Jo}
Post by iconPost by pmangino | 2017-12-08 | 14:02:57
Data contained in the extension is great.
No need to add anything else...
Great job Cvetan..!!!
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-12-08 | 16:48:38
Agree with Inicio and others:

1. PR, WP and AS only
2. AutoSail time

Nice to have: position, dtl and delta_dtl. That is what I keep track of myself in a spreadsheet (manually). Maybe a timestamp for the position update (and dtl / delta_dtl) ?

or else delta_dtf which would give more or less vmg towards the next race-waypoint

anyway, very happy whith what is already available now!
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-12-08 | 17:01:41
options could be abbreviated to one letter, with a legend in the mouse-over window
Post by iconPost by KelpiedSinglePlayer | 2017-12-08 | 22:30:07
Dear Cvetan,

If I consider my point of view only, I should say that I really don't care about the "Casino cards" tools...(Card counter and ?), and about Sleath mode no more...
So, here are some spaces you can win ...

Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2017-12-09 | 06:29:44
I can happily live with any or no info about the cards. The autosail time in the table or the header is good enough for me. Overall the extension is superb:)

Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-12-09 | 10:38:00
could it remember the default settings (auto router window, reuse tab and local times)? I tendto use the last one as the other extensions also uses local times). minor thingy
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-12-09 | 10:56:18
and a idea for the longer term:
1. add the timestamp to gps-position sent to the router
2. make the router capable of working from a location/time a little in the past

benefit: you don't have to wait for the next gps update to get the most accurate routing (for timing gybes and tacks)

probably you can than also go the option of planning different routes through several waypoints added yourself to analyse bold strategic moves. now we're like a bunch of lemmings following zezo-router ;)

only some lemmings are faster than other lemmings, because of the options
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