Post by iconPost by TSIONA | 2009-08-16 | 10:52:04

Family holidays start today, but don't worry my laptop will be with me all the time.
This time let's make a good performance, maybe with an even better Optimizer, last leg i fell asleep one night...
I still have in mind to "eat" the Frogeater !!!

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Post by iconPost by MMB | 2009-08-16 | 15:07:49
Ah, les cuisses de grenouille !

Post by iconPost by TSIONA | 2009-08-16 | 19:27:58
C'etait juste une metaphore. Des cuisses de grenouilles j'en mange pas : c'est pas cachere !
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2009-08-17 | 00:51:01
Is there any chance we can get the correct winds in Zezo? I wouldn't object to taking the winds directly from the game, at least for the current 12h.
C'est inquietant de baser sa strategie sur des donnes incorrectes. That way, we will never eat FROGEATER.
By the way: what routing optimizer is FROGEATER using?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-08-17 | 14:18:11
I've made some progress with that, but there are less than 3 days left to the end of this race so there is no time to test everything properly, so it will be left for the next race.

About Frogeater: people have developed their own tools. One player sent me a screenshot of impressive-looking tool done in Excel. But it's not only the router - a lot of small things affect you and I think frogeater has learned the game very well.

In the real world you wold not sail East of Dursey in the start of this leg, but the game map made this possible, and doing so gave few miles advantage.

Another advantage that some players must be using is that the next +6h GFS actually comes out about 2.5 hours before it shows in the game (1.5 hours before it shows here) and that can make quite a difference in unstable conditions.

Then there are small but important details like changing sails and heading before the wind update time. That can make 1 mile difference every 12 hours, and those sum up.

I've already stated that all that small things seem to be more important than the exact route taken, and still believe that to be true.
Post by iconPost by TSIONA | 2009-08-18 | 06:16:14
Is the following the right site to get "the next +6h GFS" : ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-08-18 | 11:40:16

But there are no tools to open GRIB v2 files found there directly on your PC.
Post by iconPost by TSIONA | 2009-08-18 | 20:01:48
Is it possible to take in consideration those files before for the benefit of the optimer routing process ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-08-18 | 20:08:39
The only problem is that with current architecture displayed winds won't correspond to the numeric data for a hour and a half.

BTW I did exactly this today at 17:30 CET ;)
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