Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-04-21 | 10:20:50

Are the start times in the left column UTC or my local time?

I'd assumed they were my local time since the first one offered is the current time or that of the last even hour. However, when I click to get the navigation it starts 4 hours earlier in my local time (UTC-4) than what the label states.

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Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2020-04-21 | 10:46:46
Hi bmertens,
Predicted Times is in UTC
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-04-21 | 12:20:24
So, it's giving you a few past predicted times? This morning when I checked the first time was 0500 when it was currently 1000UTC
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-04-21 | 13:44:00
The tables are calculated 4 times/day, for each GFS.

Update times are 5, 11, 17, 23 UTC plus about 15 minutes.

That's why the first morning data point is 05

Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-04-21 | 15:52:34
Okay, thanks. That makes sense now.
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