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Hi, in the starting time column (fleet view) I get a "user card missing" error for most boats, and therefore ERT times are not calculated. For myself and some boats, the start time appears, but the ERT time shown in the table is vastly different to the one I see on the map.
Is this just me or is there a general problem?
my apologies if this has been discussed in another thread already...
thanks, oliver

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Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2020-06-29 | 19:47:01
That's not an error, it's supposed to be a friendly reminder that VR does not send usercards automatically, but only on request if you click the respective boat in the game UI. The dashboard needs information from the usercard to compute ERT and some other values.

For the same reason, the values get outdated if you don't refresh it manually.
Maybe I should add a timer that removes the values after some time.
Post by iconPost by freudenoli | 2020-06-29 | 22:31:31 this new? I thought there were times when I got theses data automatically when I went to the fleet tab and chose "friends" to be listed...but ok, many thanks for your help!
Post by iconPost by freudenoli | 2020-06-30 | 00:07:53
just tried...I can click boats as much as I want in VR itself or zezo dashboard, user cards are still missing...also, the dashboard tells me "boat unknown" in the top left-hand corner, so it does not recognize myself...usually my boat name appeared does mark my boat name in red down in the something is buggy, because it all worked like a charm before...but its probably me / my computer if nobody else has any problems...
Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2020-06-30 | 05:57:38
Hi freudenoli 😉
If in the upper left corner you have "Unknown Boat", it means that you are not launching the VR Dashboard correctly.
1) Go to the game home page (Not the home page of the races)
2) Click the Z extension icon in the toolbar
3) DO NOT close the debugger warning banner
4) Enter a race to force update of boat position
The router is called automatically.
5) Wait few minutes to get tabs populated with new data
Post by iconPost by lemulot79 | 2020-06-30 | 12:02:55
Hardtack: it works well as you explain.

GeGaX : Of course this is the basis for getting all the info.

Post by iconPost by freudenoli | 2020-06-30 | 14:37:00
Hi Hardtack and GeGaX,
many thanks for your help! works well now and was, of course, my own stupidity that it didn't :-(
one last question, though (Ibet I do something wrong again, but I will still ask):
there is a big difference between ERT in the table and the numbers the router gives you...for my its about 20h difference, similar for other boats...what do I do wrong?
(if I click my boat in VR it gives me the time I am on my way already since start...if I add this to the time the router gives me until finish it adds up to about 122h in the moment...the ERT in the table gives me 6days 02hours in the moment) I was trying to update / logout login etc, but the ERT is never somewhere close to the router prediction / time traveled calculation.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-06-30 | 15:37:35
If you click on the "User Manual" button in the dashboard, it'll give you a lot of additional useful information.

ERT is limited in the data available to it. It doesn't (and can't) run a routing in Zezo to actually estimate your arrival time. It just checks how far you've sailed (total distance, not distance made good), calculates your average speed so far, and assumes you'll sail that speed straight to the finish. So... extremely inaccurate in some cases, but still useful for a very rough estimate.

If the game had an accurate DTF from the start available to the Dashboard, then it could use an average VMG-to-date for the calculation instead, but that data isn't available (at least not anything accurate), so it can't. That wouldn't help all that much with accuracy, though, anyway, because any time the conditions are faster later in the race than what you've sailed thus far, or vice-versa, the ERT will be wrong.

I find it to be a useful tool for comparison to other boats that started within a couple hours from me, to see how we're doing relative to each other... assuming we haven't sailed dramatically different courses... but you can't count on it for a reliable estimate of your actual finish time, nor for comparison to boats with highly different start times.
Post by iconPost by freudenoli | 2020-06-30 | 15:50:35
I see...thank you very much for your help...very much appreciated!
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