Strange 1st dot heading
Post by iconPost by jim | 2020-12-14 | 14:00:27

Hi Cvetan,
Since some minutes ago, the 1st dot is similar in TWD and TWA to next dots, but the heading
(BTW) of the 1st dot is very different from the next ones (heading/BTW of the 1st dot=145° vs around 90° for the following dots) whithout obvious reasons.
Best regards

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-12-14 | 14:21:31
It suggests you make two gybes. But you know better ;-)

Because the router is not aware of you current heading, it can not caclculate the actual gybe penalty. That would be reasonable suggestion if you were actually sailing at 150, but you are not.

This problem always exists when sailing up/downwind. The router does not have history of your maneuvers, output is based only on your current position. So better call it once and apply the resulting track during the following few hours (or note the average leg length). The calculation is pretty usable. Not perfect, but should be ok.

This is not an issue if the conditions are really changing, like a wind shift around you. But in regular wind field you will get different initial tack every 10 minutes for pure geometrical reasons. It's also the reason it had small tack penalty even before the game got one - it would tend to change direction every 10 minutes (or whatever the time step is)

Post by iconPost by jim | 2020-12-14 | 18:45:23
As the TWA was the same between the various lines, I didn't notice its color change from red to green (in the zezo route) from the 1st to the next lines. So sorry. Best regards.
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