Anyone else experiencing erratic course changing behavior?
Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2020-12-26 | 22:47:54

Noticed it yesterday in Vendee that my course just changes out of the blue without any command. Changed it back to the original course and changes again??

Just now in Hobart I set a locked course of 180o for the next few hours, and just noticed it changed again to 184o also visible in my track.

Anyone else having this ghost onboard?

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-12-27 | 01:33:04
I had that problem last year. Teammates have had it recently in VG, although I've not.

I have some superstitions about cause and solution, although actual science is spotty. Seemed to happen to me if I left the game unattended with the cursor in game's graphical box. Like phantom mouse clicks. Solution that worked for me was to exit the race after making course corrections. That seemed to lock it in.

Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2020-12-27 | 09:14:00
That´s the word I was looking for "phantom" mouse clicks. But also Auto Sails not working/not showing change to optimum sail. Restarting my machine seems to work, at least for a while. I can live with the inevitable VR bugs in the long races but it kills you in the short ones i.e. Hobart. Good luck BooBill!
Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2020-12-27 | 13:34:47
In the last few weeks/month I have experienced things beyond your imagination, what a fuck up this game is, spend my last credits on Hobart and calling it a day, they can´t even get it right in a relatively short race. Fair winds/bug fixes to everyone ...
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-12-27 | 16:40:37
I've said this in a couple of other threads, but I'll repeat it.

I have sailed the last two races (VG and SH) unaffected by bugs, because I rely on Dashboard to tell me what my boat is doing. I do not trust or believe what I see in the VR screen graphics.

I have had numerous instances where the screen showed me going in the wrong direction or at some angle tens of degrees off expected, or on the wrong tack, but Dashboard confirmed all was as expected. A little patience, wait for the next server update, maybe exit the race and re-enter, but the visuals sorted themselves out.

So, that's not bug free, just my performance was unaffected, because we have and I trust in this great tool we have with Dashboard to tell me what's going on with the server. The bugs are mostly client side.
Post by iconPost by Ventura_317 | 2020-12-27 | 18:23:43
The most critical and DANGEROUS bug is probably when VR display a completely wrong TWA (when you are sailing with a VMG risky HDG!)
Most of the Players being Retired Persons I hope that VR is well covered by a Generous Insurance policy in case of AVC(en français) !
Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2020-12-27 | 18:32:56
Some good advice BB, thanks! But aside the bug issue I have decided to stop anyway. There are better ways spending my time then steering a dot over a spreadsheet :-) Going to buy a boat again!
Take care buddy!
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-12-27 | 19:46:45
Now that's a plan I like. I wouldn't be putting nearly the effort I do into this if I wasn't currently boatless.
Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2020-12-28 | 09:51:04
Cheers mate! I´m sure this game fulfils some of the sailing and other desires for many people for various reasons which is perfectly fine, but it has little to do with real sailing. Time spend with this game won´t get you anywhere, and certainly won´t get you into a position to buy your own boat (again), quite the opposite I would say. Fair winds!
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