Safari on iOS: Bearing lines gone
Post by iconPost by Madalone | 2021-01-08 | 19:12:15

Hi all

Since a couple days, the colored bearing lines (orthodromic, loxodromic, CWA) are gone missing on my iPad (Safari on iOS 14.2). On my laptop (OSX) they still work fine. Has anybody else this problem or am I the only one?

Fair winds, Madalone

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-08 | 20:30:50
They are turned on/off via the first button on the toolbar, next to the zoom level.

BTW i'm not sure that's really needed. Anyone ever turned them off on purpose?
Post by iconPost by Madalone | 2021-01-09 | 16:45:19
Ah, silly me - I must have inadvertently turned them off while zooming... 🙄

Thanks for the hint!
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