Post by iconPost by Belladonna | 2009-11-05 | 21:53:55

Zezo, Cvetan, Big Bird or whatever,

please tell us your intentions about supporting this race. Unlike the Jules Verne which is a tentative record break (race against the time), the TJV is a real transoceanic regatta, involving many boats, and requiring the best course. That's why your support is important !

Pse be positive :-)))))))))))))))

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Post by iconPost by Belladonna | 2009-11-05 | 22:02:16
I did'nt pay attention to that but TJV initials is valid for both races !!!!!!!!
Post by iconPost by nicopsy | 2009-11-07 | 09:45:18
Yes for the transat jacques Vabre !!!
Post by iconPost by citybang | 2009-11-08 | 13:31:21
Hi Cvetan !
What about the Transat Jacques Fabre ? could you put again the Istanbul link on your site, ( Imoca's polars are the same as the Istanbul) in order to race the Jacques Vabre this afternoon.
Thanks for the great job. I'll send you a donation soon.
Post by iconPost by enzojeanb | 2009-11-08 | 17:22:20
Please pretty please guys ???
Post by iconPost by dids74 | 2009-11-08 | 17:48:26
hello cvetan

Same as citybang !!
A pity we lost theistanbul link.
Please ... if you can help ...
Of course this will work only with the imoca boats .
But it is such a nice route calculator !
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-08 | 18:38:12
Thanks. That's good news. I'll bring it back soon.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-08 | 21:16:37
It's online, but I would not count on it for end-to-end routing right now ;)

Expect the multihulls tomorrow.
Post by iconPost by citybang | 2009-11-09 | 12:44:47
Thanks Cvetan ! you're the greatest !
The king of the boat. lol
Post by iconPost by dids74 | 2009-11-08 | 22:55:30
It's fun we got it back for imoca !
but the info is displayed with the speed of the clipper boats !!!
I check on my computer ...
and the route is usefull anyway with the wind display and boat/wind angles
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-08 | 22:59:26
Thanks. The optimizer and the display are independent of each other, and you are correct. I've forgotten the display part. Should be in sync now.
Post by iconPost by dids74 | 2009-11-09 | 01:13:37
yeah !!
every thing is ok now !
another time thanks for your work !
where is the paypal button ?
Post by iconPost by dids74 | 2009-11-09 | 01:17:46
Ok i have found the paypal button in the ABOUT ME folder.
I am doing some kind of advertisement !!!
Post by iconPost by dids74 | 2009-11-09 | 02:22:07
well, a small but important point : it's about the time when the winds change :
in the chart you consider 7 am and 7 pm. And in the game it is still 8 am and 8 pm ...(winter)time of paris
Post by iconPost by enzojeanb | 2009-11-09 | 17:11:16
Hi Zezo

Thanks... but I can't get the proper destination to Limon... with control click I get Cape Town...
Post by iconPost by sponggnops | 2009-11-09 | 20:26:08
Hi! wonderfull work. Just two comments, in mono the time when wind change is 7am/pm (8am/pm in the game) and in multi i can view only the best road for pro sail (no cross in the box pro sail). Thanks a lot, you're the greatest.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-09 | 20:40:57
Ooops I've copied the Istanbul race configuration without thinking of the daylight saving time. Fixed.

The Pro sails - they are free in Jacques Vabre, so I should probably remove the checkbox altogether. For the time being it works for the Mono and is ignored for the Multi.
Post by iconPost by sponggnops | 2009-11-09 | 21:02:18
;) oh yes its free sorry, i don't view. perfect for the wind.
Post by iconPost by fred68 | 2009-11-09 | 22:19:17
Sorry, but I cannot see the correct chart. I sail in mono class, and when I pick the chart for this race, I see a map of south america...have I done anything wrong?
Post by iconPost by dids74 | 2009-11-09 | 23:46:53
fred68 : you can move the part of the map you are watching : click and move, kind of drag and drop ...
For zezo : thank you for the time adjustement, everything is now working as usual !! this is to say in a wonderfull way !
Post by iconPost by fred68 | 2009-11-10 | 09:29:23
Thanks for your help, but I am aware of this. It is no solution. I tried to type my boatname but it cannot be found...must be doing something wrong.
Post by iconPost by danfil | 2009-11-10 | 11:41:09

You cant use your boat name anymore, mp does not allow to get this info from their server, however you can position your boat by getting your position on VR and pass it on Zezo going to the same position on zezo map and right click you will have display "set as starting point".

Enjoy the ride
Post by iconPost by fred68 | 2009-11-10 | 12:12:49
Thanks. Last time I played was during VORG. It´s a pitty ManyPlayers removed the positioning possibility.
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2009-11-21 | 01:16:18
The more comfortabel way is to go to PACO TOOL, copy and paste your profile in the upper right corner, parse and use the Zezo-link in the upper left corner. That brings you right where you want to be.
Post by iconPost by danfil | 2009-11-10 | 13:15:38
Hi Cvtan,

Seems that the wind display on JF multihull is not accurate while the routing is matching VR data, hope you can fix it, thanks

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-10 | 13:27:42
Out of disk space again and the wind graph rendering process failed in the morning. Should get in sync in an hour or two.
Post by iconPost by Belladonna | 2009-11-16 | 15:27:56
do you remember my question about Big Bird's track in the game interface ? Until a short time it was not showing, now it is (even if the boat seems abandoned). What did you do ??? Do you sail another boat ?
I've great fun in sailing following as much as possible your simulator, even if I don't play for winning. It's great ;-)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-16 | 16:58:31
I have not started that race, that's why there was no track.
The game server saves resources this way.

And I still haven't started, but had to log in to check something ;)
Post by iconPost by fantidamar | 2009-11-18 | 08:38:19
Great job
Post by iconPost by ultimateboat | 2011-10-31 | 10:29:25
Hi Cvetan,
I go back an old post, but, as in 2009, the Transat Jacques Vabre is on VR, but this year the pro sails not offered :-(
For the monohull race, zezo is OK, but for the multihull race, zezo has only the sails pro ... could you look at it to add the standard sails please ?
Thank you very much Cvetan ;-)
Post by iconPost by ren31 | 2011-11-03 | 10:09:25
Hi Cvetan and ultimateboat,

Thank's Cvetan for your great work,
It is true about the standrad sails not working this time...
An idea about ficing it ?

Manys Thank's

Post by iconPost by separo | 2011-11-05 | 07:02:35
Hi Cvetan,
Thanks again for your great work.
It happened to me to see some difference in zezo's polaires and game's ones (Jacques Vabre Mono).
Is it possible, or am I doing something wrong?
Two cases are:

ZEZO: wind 19.4/229^ (TWA 75^), genoa --> 14.1
Actual speed in game, with same parameters: 13.9.

ZEZO: wind 20.5/304^ (TWA 82^), C0 --> 15.2
Actual speed in game: 14.8.

But maybe it's just that I should go for a dive and clean my hull.

Many thanks,

Post by iconPost by ghelle | 2011-11-05 | 09:51:35
Hi all

i have the same problem with polaires
Post by iconPost by sponggnops | 2011-11-06 | 19:43:33
Hi cvetan, we have problem with the winds in the mono. For the next 12 hours winds period, the wind are not the same on the map and the winds we can see on the black plots on the way map. PLease can u see it.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-06 | 19:57:54
My fault. See the Transat Jacques Vabre thread.
Post by iconPost by sponggnops | 2011-11-07 | 03:11:40
ok thanks, nice job cvetan. Iv seen another bug in this race prevision. The polar are probably incorrect in mono for this race, i have seen many difference.
*Have a good week*
Post by iconPost by passero | 2011-11-09 | 15:01:08

Always grateful for your job, Cvetan, but I see many discrepancies in polars in Jacques Vabre mono.
Is it possible to do something about that?
Post by iconPost by passero | 2011-11-11 | 02:15:52
Strange things happening tonight.
There seem to be some (double) discrepancies in winds tonight.

1. Zezo winds displayed on map (at 0h) don't match VR Jacues Vabre Mono actual winds. What is bizarre is that wind direction seems correct, while wind speed isn't match (22.7 at 114^ in VR, 22.4 at 114^ in zezo, for instance).

2. There is a second incoherence, in zezo itself: the wind displayed on zezo map are different (in direction and in speed) from the wind used to calculate route and sail in white boards for each route point (22.4 at 114^ on map vs. 23.8 at 116^ in white board).

By the way, we are approaching Bermuda Triangle, aren't we...?

Thanks if you manage to give some attention to this kind of mistery.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-11 | 12:59:29
VR handles winds in bizarre way. Speeds are converted to km/h and rounded. When you convert back to knots you get discrete values (22.7kt = 42 km/h)

I've changed the displayed winds to match the VOR where no such rounding occurs, but kept the rounding for the VR games.

And to top things up yesterday NOAA delayed the afternoon run with few hours and as a result VOR used the previous forecast. I haven't checked what VR used but it might have been something different.
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