Post by iconPost by ratman | 2012-01-15 | 10:04:42

hello everybody and first of all thanks to cvetan for this fantastic tool

I have a question for you guys on how waypoints actually work.

this morning reaching a waypoint I lost approx 1/1,5nm vs all the other boats around me.
my feeling was that the boat stopped exactly on the waypoint (even if given the speed at the moment, it should have surpassed it by 1/1,5nm).
this is quite weird. boats have no brakes.

so the question is: do you know how a boat exactly behave when reaching a waypoint?

example: lets assume next waypoint is 1nm away and I'm doing 18knots (so each refresh the boat moves by 3nm). The boat will stop on the waypoint or will surpass it?

thx for your help

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-01-15 | 10:25:07
Yes. This is a well-known fact among the top players. Your boat stops at the waypoint, short of the actual distance. This is one of the worst problems with the game. I got bitten by it in the first night of the race - set few wp's in the Mediterranean and got badly disappointed by my rank in the morning. Haven't used waypoints since then. Have about 15 for sale ...

The VR games had the opposite problem - you went past the waypoint. Which could bring you in a different wind square with bad case of headwind, or aground.

The proper implementation would be to split the 10-minute step in two and sail your boat in the new direction after the WP. Why UG does not fix that issue and collect some waypoint money from the leading players instead of implementing exciting new sail breakage is beyond me.
Post by iconPost by ratman | 2012-01-15 | 12:03:57
good to know.
I used waypoints in the past, but this is the first time that I was awake to realize this fantistic result
I waste a lot of time for a minimal gain and then you loose miles for this
very motivating

thx zezo! and watch your back :-)
Post by iconPost by Berny | 2012-01-15 | 12:09:09
I had already reported this problem to the organization in the test leg.
I was thanked and told that officers would have passed to the software.
But still does not work .....

Hello to all and especially to the Master Cvetan
Post by iconPost by ratman | 2012-01-15 | 12:20:00
I only guess why the hell they don't state it clearly in the wiki section...
Post by iconPost by Robbyn | 2012-01-15 | 12:34:00
Thanks for heads up. This explains why after setting 4 waypoints last night I have dropped about 3-4 miles from the leaders. Guess by reading the above I'm lucky to have only lost that much.

BTW, first post here and would like to thank you for the efforts you put in to this program. Cheers!
Post by iconPost by PatH | 2012-01-15 | 17:52:20
Wishing some day they would accomodate a "timed" course adjustment (Like the VR has/had)... easy to do and if you limited it to the 10 minute time-steps the game uses... no loss of distance.
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2012-01-19 | 01:05:16
So you mean that the boat stops at the waypoint and wait for the next "discrete" batch run?
Post by iconPost by Berny | 2012-01-19 | 01:15:03
Pgfiore if you want I'll explain WP.... no English ..... too difficult.
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2012-01-19 | 01:18:05
Se ho capito, la barca si ferma quando raggiunge un waypoint. E riparte quando gira il server, ogni 10 minuti!
Quindi perdi acqua in maniera variabile, a seconda del culo che hai avuto nel raggiungere il waypoint il più vicino possibile ai 10minuti pieni (10-20-ecc)
Post by iconPost by Berny | 2012-01-19 | 01:36:10

L'ho segnalato tramite feedback nella leg di prova...e non ti dico con il mio inglese tradotto da google quanto ci ho messo.....mi hanno risposto dopo 2 giorni perchè non riuscivano a capire il problema....mi hanno ringraziato perchè non se ne erano accorti
Hanno inoltrato il problema ai ancora è tutto come prima......infatti io i WP non li uso....o uso per capire che angolo al vento avrò in quella non li applico.

Master Cvetan sorry if I have not written in English.
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2012-01-19 | 01:44:05
I see. and, as a programmer, I can see the generated issues...
while keeping yacht moving you won't be able to ratify a specific requested course; every waypoint the boat could be off course a bit more! Off course, different wind-square, wrong angle to the wind...
well... not easy...
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2012-01-19 | 01:45:53
ah... okey dokey... gonna overwrite them! ;)
Post by iconPost by Bolero | 2012-01-19 | 10:26:14
There is one scenario where the current behavior is useful, at least marginally.

Near the end of Leg 2, when we were rounding the Kumza peninsula (the northern point on the Arabian peninsula), I was aiming to go inside the little island. Unfortunately, my aim was poor, and I ran aground.

There was very little room to maneuver, so I set two waypoints to get me off the rock and through the passage. It worked like a charm. OK, I lost some extra distance, but at least I didn't run aground on the other side of the little passage :-}
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-01-19 | 10:45:15
The proper implementation would neither pass the waypoint, nor drop an anchor at it. It should split the 10-minute step int two. Would not be too hard to do' either - the game already knows you've reached the waypoint. So it could check the real distance traveled, calculate the dine needed, subtract it from 10 minutes and add the remainder to your next step, multiplying the boat speed by 12 or 15 or 18 minutes. But it seems to be this way on purpose as explained in the VORG Wiki.
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2012-01-19 | 10:45:18
good point Bolero
I had to know it before; I demostrated to have a great feeling with grounds and flagsticks!!!!
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