Post by iconPost by Mirage29 | 2009-11-20 | 14:27:05

Hi all, Hi Cvetan !

It seems that I have a problem with the black dots (changes of course)... there is a gap beetween the indication of zezo and the localisation of these dots on the map... Usualy the dots are on the border beetween 2 wind areas in the way to give you the ETA to this border and the new heading from this point...
But since few days there's a gap...

Somebody else got this problem ? is that normal ?

Thanks for your answer : )

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-20 | 14:31:50
Black dots are exact only for the 1-day simulation. They get displaced with longer predictions and with those fast boats the difference can be huge - 20 miles in the worst case.
Post by iconPost by Mirage29 | 2009-11-20 | 21:30:04
Ok so if I don't play with the 1 day predicted track duration I have to anticipate the dots.
What about the ETA ? is it correct or do I have to anticipate also ?

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-20 | 21:39:20
The ETA is also rounded to longer intervals.

If you need exact times just place a destination 15-20 hours ahead on the 7-day track and switch to 1-day period.

It would be better to implement smaller steps for the first day of the longer tracks, but I did not think about it at the time, so it's hardwired in too much places and will require a major rewrite to fix.
Post by iconPost by RodH | 2009-11-29 | 00:40:23
The black dots seem to work for me but I can find no method of adding BLUE DOTS. I can display anybody else just by entering their boat's position, but this makes an entirely different screen. How do I enter any "friend" onto my own screen (i.e. a BLUE DOT )???
Post by iconPost by Sailkap | 2009-11-29 | 17:07:31
it´s not possible! It were automatic before when you could tap in your boatname...
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-30 | 18:34:52
I should probably update the documentation. But then I have some ideas to make it work again.
Post by iconPost by maverick78 | 2010-12-09 | 05:19:06
Hi zezo,
is there a way to get (automatically) coordinates (longitude & latitude) of black dots (in XML format for exemple)to generate a VRTOOL route for exemple.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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