Post by iconPost by Velluim | 2012-10-19 | 20:57:44

will we have the opportunity to use zezo during the next VGlobe?

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Post by iconPost by Whitbyweather | 2012-10-20 | 16:19:20
Great news Cvetan, I think SS is a wonderful tool and was a tremendous help to me in Vorg. All the best, Chris, Whitbyweather
Post by iconPost by MeRongo | 2012-10-21 | 05:52:31
"Post by zezo | 2012-10-09 | 19:20:06

I haven't withdrawn, have even stared in the Vendée prerace (my boat in VR is called Big Bird) but some weird combination of course scheduler, autohelm and iphone app made my boat sail in the wrong direction for two hours this morning :-(

I will be supporting future races, but thought that the Prologue would be more like beta test than a full race with options and prizes and it caught me a bit unprepared."
Post by iconPost by wizz | 2012-10-22 | 18:29:40
Great news !
Then I can't wait for the Vendee Globe to start.
Why do we love your simulator? Because it works and it is so simple to use. True, more complex tools may be used by compulsive players who will spend 12 hours a day, but Zezo is the perfect mix of simplicity and efficacy.
Thank you so much for your help, see you around the world on the Vendée Globe !

I know, this is a copy-paste of previous posts, but since we have been snowed under spams... let's hope the uggs will walk away

Post by iconPost by buez-ar-vro | 2012-10-27 | 19:05:03
hello Cvetan soon begin the vendee globe, zezo will it be ready for the end of the race???
appointment will initially 10 zezo hoping that will be the top because it is the best router and it thanks you Cvetan
I hope you will do the vendee globe because you deserve to win
THANK Cvetan
Post by iconPost by slimpickings | 2012-11-01 | 21:05:50
ready for the vendee? I sure am, really getting excited now
Post by iconPost by Michel | 2012-11-06 | 10:33:17
Bonjour à toutes et à tous.

Hello alls !

Après une visite sur le stand MP aux Sables d'Olonne, je vous confirme que le jeu se fera sur des carrès de 1° X 1°. Comme sur le flash actuel.
Bonne route !

Visiting MP'area at the village of VG2012, i comfirm the play like flash player now square 1° X 1°.

Good run !
Post by iconPost by parlay | 2012-11-06 | 16:31:16
Hey all. Maybe I missed a post addressing this, but will the router be working for the vendee globe virtual regatta game? If so, was wondering if it will have the chrome plug in like it did for the VORG. Anyone know where to find the polars for the virtual regatta game for the Vendee?
Post by iconPost by ashoka | 2012-11-06 | 16:54:15
Hi all,

I'm also looking forward to have the Vendée Globe race supported by this routing tool.

By the way, there are polars for VR here:

Post by iconPost by buez-ar-vro | 2012-11-08 | 00:59:05
Cvetan salvation for the Vendée Globe it will there be a privilege not directly cast this course
Zezo on???
thank you and good night
Post by iconPost by stergann | 2012-11-08 | 11:50:40
Hi all,

Any news, Cvetan?
Vendee Globe race starts in only 2 days, and chart isn't available yet.
Do you think SS will be ready on time ?

Anyway thanks for this wonderful tool !

Post by iconPost by gesar | 2012-11-08 | 15:59:36

You can probably use this adress waiting for the dedicated chart:

polars look to be the same and boat speed is equal to VR speed in the departure case. You can also compare zezo speed and VRTool speed.
Post by iconPost by Paula | 2012-11-08 | 22:03:54
Another option is to access Zezo charts through Pacotool

On the Home page, 'Submit' your Boat Name and User ID then click on the ZEZOlink hyperlink on the left hand side of the next page.
Post by iconPost by stergann | 2012-11-09 | 00:56:41
Thank you both for these tips
Post by iconPost by Ventportant | 2012-11-09 | 18:00:23
Bonjour Michel,

Comment puis je "charger" les polaires des Imoca pour avoir un routage sur zezo ?

Post by iconPost by Michel | 2012-11-09 | 20:10:38
Salut Ventportant.

Tu n'as pas besoin de charger les polaires imoca pour utiliser zezo. Il les connait.
Utilise le lien zezo jacques vabre mono

Tu zoomes au max sur la carte VR, tu regardes la position du croisillon central de ton bateau, et tu cliques sur cette position sur la carte de zezo.
La route se calculera automatiquement en fonction de l'endroi ou tu positionnera l'arrivée zezo. Prends 40 sud 10 W et 7 jours de météo
Post by iconPost by rising | 2012-11-10 | 14:30:58
cvetan are we on our own or will you be supporting the vendee later?
Post by iconPost by donatello_44 | 2012-11-10 | 19:22:16
Merci Michel pour tes infos
mais comment va t'on pouvoir trouver toutes les positions futurs, elles sont repertorie;s quelque part?
Post by iconPost by xaviermartin | 2012-11-12 | 12:57:54

Unfortunately winds do not correspond to the VR map...


Malheureusement les vents proposés par zezo ne correspondent pas à ceux de VR.

Post by iconPost by ashoka | 2012-11-13 | 18:38:04

For me the winds are OK, using jv_mono.

However, the computation time between position updates is incorrect:
- in Zezo, the assumption is that the game will update positions and wind info every hour
- in VR the wind and posiotins are updated every 10 minutes.

This mean that Zezo will propose new headings up to one hour after the boat has entered a wind cell, while VR will have already changed the wind.

This especially visible when switching quickly between two adjacent cells, or winds are very different bewteen two cells.

Would it be possible to adjust this parameter?

Post by iconPost by Mousse50 | 2012-11-13 | 12:42:55

Ceci est il une volonté de ne plus représenter les courses de Virtual depuis un moment ou votre programmation des cartes ne coïncide plus avec leur courses.


Post by iconPost by TSIONA | 2012-11-14 | 15:14:33
ZEZO, why not supporting VDG ????
At least, an explanation...
Post by iconPost by parlay | 2012-11-14 | 23:19:25
Does anyone know if the system outage is intended or scheduled, and how long we are off line?
Post by iconPost by Sailkap | 2012-11-14 | 23:52:40
"Le site sera � nouveau ouvert dans quelques minutes." It says...
I translate:
The site will be open again in a few minutes.
Die Website wird wieder �ffnen in wenigen Minuten.
Webbplatsen kommer att vara �ppen igen om n�gra minuter.

But after 3 hours they have made another joke of them selves... really happy that I�m not participating anymore...
Post by iconPost by buez-ar-vro | 2012-11-14 | 23:55:39
je parle en français c'est mieux et plus simple car le vendée globe ,c'est foutu ils sont imcapable de gérer juste bon a prendre du fric , et Cvetan est aux abonnés absent , paco bug , résulta c'est la merde partout ...
le mieux c'est sail the globe sur live skipper avec le routeur maxsea time zero la au moins c'est le top bonne course a vous tous et rejoingnez sur LIVE SKIPPER le vrai site de voile virtuel , c'est pas comme la merde de VIRTUAL REGATTA
Post by iconPost by RacletteBeaufort | 2012-11-15 | 14:14:10
Chacun sa vision. Bien sur Live Skipper c'est cool avec Maxsea mais avez vous une idée du cout de ce logiciel AVEC LES CARTES pour un Vendée Globe ??? Non sans doute pas. Comparons ce qui est comparable. Perso j'apprécie énormément le travail BENEVOLE de CVETAN, PACO etc. Et puis de toutes façons le Vendée Globe n'est pas dispo sur Live Skipper faut espérer qu'un jour il soit mis un terme a l'incompétence (chronique lors de montées en charge depuis 4 ans) des responsables de évidemment eux ils font payer les options etc...
Post by iconPost by RacletteBeaufort | 2012-11-15 | 14:14:37
Hello Cvetan,
Thanks so much for this wonderful tool. I discovered it for VG 2012 and it helps to keep my family happy !
No more wakeups every 2 hours during the night. Now i setup my waypoints and sleeeeep. So cool.

Maybee at some point SailingSimulator's community's CPU's could help for route calculations in a distributed
computing mode. Something like :

Ready to contribute (8 cores at least ;=)

All he best.
Serge R.
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