Post by iconPost by metch | 2010-03-04 | 20:19:09

I have suffered a loss of distance, and places, because of a large difference between the old chart and the new,once I had re-set my starting position.
How often and or when should I enter a new "starting point"
Thanks for a marvelous program.

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Post by iconPost by metch | 2010-03-04 | 21:50:48
I think I have an inkling as to how the program works,at last!
I must update after the wind changes at 0.06.12 and 18 hours GMT+1 and also perhaps after the VR map winds change at 08 and 20 GMT+1. I should also use the default setting of the three day chart as winds further ahead may not be reliable.

Thanks again for a wonderful program. I have donated BTW.
Good sailing. Have a trial with a radio controlled model yacht. That is the best practical sailing with dry feet!
Post by iconPost by Sailkap | 2010-03-04 | 22:22:07
Look like youre doing great anyhow...
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-03-07 | 21:34:58
In my view, you should always update your position if you check Zezo.
Post by iconPost by RodH | 2010-03-08 | 17:42:22
I always update my present position, each time I log in to the VR, and always check 1,2,3,5,and7 day predictions. The suggested path varies occasionally, and it is useful to determine why. I don't always obey, as it sometimes is ridiculous to sail across the land, etc..
Aside from that, was the SS server 'down' yesterday? I kept getting 'this link is broken' even when trying to open SS afresh.
Does anyone have experience with crossing the Date Line ( 180 deg. )? What will SS do?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2010-03-08 | 18:27:49
There was a power outage this morning. It seems that the UPS batteries are dead, and that resulted in five hours of down time.

Crossing the Date line is somehow buggy, but I'm working on that right now.
Post by iconPost by RodH | 2010-03-08 | 20:36:04
I note the comment by Metch, above, where he suggests trying out a radio-controlled sailing yacht. I, too am a radio-sailor, with a Soling 1M, a schooner, a Chinese Junk ( correctly 'chu'an' - boat- ) and an assortment of Footys. Radio-sailing separates the 'icy-cold spray in the face' and the 'nausea-inducing bobbing around' from the strategic and tactical aspects of sailboat racing.
I am even able to utilize a CAD program to design and evaluate my own Footy sailboat, build it, and then sail it, all for a very few dollars ( $20-$30 ). This is something I could never hope to do in a full-sized yacht. After all, in every sailor lurks a yacht designer just waiting to get out!
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