Post by iconPost by toto | 2010-09-28 | 12:21:50

Hello Cvetan

The departure for La velux is the 17 october and the departure for the Route du rhum is 31 october.
The sailing simulator work for the race?

Thank you.

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Post by iconPost by lskcski | 2010-10-16 | 20:15:14
hehe ! without Zézo people are .... !

Cvetan don't work for nothing...

Post by iconPost by Belladonna | 2010-10-16 | 21:09:07
Who are you Iskcski ? Cvetan's secretary ? Do you know the number of people who donate for his server, for instance ???..............;
Post by iconPost by cancan | 2010-10-16 | 22:59:30
Come on Cvetan, time is running out.
Please don't let us down!
Post by iconPost by Jonas | 2010-10-17 | 00:35:27
Hi Cvetan
Will You support the Velux 5 Oceans ?
I will gladly donate something but I need to know if you gonna do it first ?
If not do anyone know about anothe good sailing simulator that will support this race ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2010-10-17 | 18:16:13
I will, but was a bit busy in the past few days. Expect it tomorrow in the afternoon or the evening.
Post by iconPost by Open-Container-III | 2010-10-17 | 22:53:29
Personally, I think Zezo should charge for admission. I don't want to make a contribution, just so certain free loaders, who I won't name, can benefit.
Post by iconPost by llamedos | 2010-10-17 | 23:06:24
Thanks for coming back to help us all.

OK now in all fairness to you you now should be charging for all who choose to use your site and knowledge to help them in the VR races.
Nobody can afford to work for free in this day and age so why should you?
Times are hard. VR are making money so it is only fair you should get some return for your skill, time and effort.

Regards Llamedos (fukitol on VR)
Post by iconPost by Laiska | 2010-10-17 | 23:51:36
Great work zezo!

However, it seems that the polar data is still a bit out of tune...

Surely you are aware that there are some polars available from eg.

That one is not quite exact, either, but perhaps the best available.
Post by iconPost by Ricoo | 2010-10-18 | 00:31:04
Hi Laiska,
I don't take it bad, but if there are errors on this polars page, please let me know for I'm the author.
Rather use MP's private messages, than Cvetan's forum, it doesn't have to be polluted with this. ;)

(By the way, nice and great work Cvetan, as usual)
Post by iconPost by Laiska | 2010-10-18 | 07:57:14
Polluted? Don't get me wrong.

Yes, your polars seem to be perfect, Ricoo.

I was just refering to that the little box on the zezo chart shows predicted Boat Speed that is not right.

I'm not quite sure yet if this affects the route predition too, of if it's just something with the box information only.

Post by iconPost by HZV | 2010-10-18 | 09:35:56
Nice toe see your back in made me a happy man...
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