Post by iconPost by mpako | 2009-06-10 | 14:11:53


on my screens (VORG, VRTool) the segment 8.00E 56.00N shows 4.3kn. In your map is 11.9kn.
I cleared cache pressed F5... still there?
time 0h


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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-10 | 14:20:36
11.9 seems to be the next 12h forecast.It may sound stupid, but are you sure the box in the upper right corner says 0h?

And I'll take a look at the log files.
It seems that you updated the winds between 12:00:00 and 12:02:00, and that may interfere with caching logic, but clearing the cache (or control-reload) should fix that.
Post by iconPost by mpako | 2009-06-10 | 14:30:48
unfortunatelly yes, the segment to the left is also wrong.
Post by iconPost by mpako | 2009-06-10 | 14:33:01
ok I'm going to clear cache
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-10 | 14:46:36
There is small time window (probably few seconds) every two hours when you can get old data cached for two more hours. That race condition can be avoided, but needs some rewrite as the winds are served like static content now and have to go via cgi script.

That's planned for possible future version, as it will allow setting future point in time as start of prediction, and that could be useful for pre-start training.

For the time being just avoid refreshing the site in the first 2 minutes after the hour - the VORG server is overloaded during that time anyway and returns french error messages instead of boat positions :(
Post by iconPost by mpako | 2009-06-10 | 14:52:31
well, I cleared all data, closed mozilla, cleared also IE.
started again and still there.
it's not prob for me, the point shows correct data but ...
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-10 | 15:26:43
judging from request headers you are behind at least one caching proxy server:

X-BlueCoat-Via: 29C3927DDF1F717A
Via: ICAP/1.0
X-BlueCoat-Via: C9AC10A0497441AE

and those things tend to get out of sync sometimes.

The last such case was from Lagos, Nigeria where the internet connection is slow and expensive satellite link that goes via few proxies. BTW it also involved BlueCoat.
Post by iconPost by mpako | 2009-06-10 | 15:43:19
there must be several proxy servers from my PC to data, that's true.
No prob anyway it's cosmetics
Post by iconPost by Grandphi | 2010-02-09 | 11:30:20
It seems that winds are not good today.


Post by iconPost by SeaMiGo | 2010-02-09 | 17:48:56
Hi Cvetan, the current winds shown on the Simulator (at least for the Jules Verne race) are completely different from the game winds. However, the wind data given in the little pop-up window when you mouse over the black dots appears to be correct. Please take a look.

Thanks, Bryan
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2010-02-09 | 20:22:37
The NOAA model was delayed a bit this morning and the update failed. I went out without taking a look and downloaded the correct forecast in the afternoon, but it was a bit late to render the new wind display. It will be OK tonight at 8.
Post by iconPost by RodH | 2010-02-14 | 05:18:31
Have you modified the program such that when I login after being away with my computer OFF, and log back in, that your program automatically updates my new position, provided that I have logged in on the game first? I haven't seen this mentioned as a facility with SS, but it has happened several times.
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