Post by iconPost by Juanlumi | 2014-10-23 | 13:51:48

Hi, I am a rookie in and in this forum.
The vast majority of the time i've noticed that the heading of the boat and TWA do not match
The program tells me a course and also a number in brackets (TWA).
When I go to my ship and set the direction indicated, there is always an error of one or two degrees from the TWA
Is this normal? The angle in brackets TWA is approximated?
What should I do if the heading or TWA?
What value is more correct, the heading or the TWA?
Than you all.

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Post by iconPost by GeorgeBest | 2014-10-23 | 14:21:20
Use TWA when you want your boat to always have the same angle with the wind. This can mean that your boat will adapt it's heading when it wants to stay at the same angle with the wind. There are times that the TWA option makes sense. When on a long stretch the windangle slowly changes and you want to keep the same angle and not change the heading of your boat every two hours (nights) you could use TWA.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-10-23 | 17:12:22
One typical case of using fixed TWA is when going up/downwind. There is a optimum angle which results in best progress, called VMG (velocity made good)

Unfortunately the best angle changes with wind speed and you have to adjust accordingly - you can use the game scheduler with both fixed heading and fixed TWA.
Post by iconPost by Juanlumi | 2014-10-23 | 23:41:32
Thanks for your answer, they are very accurate, but to mantein the TWA I have to have purchased options and I do not have them,. In that case should I trust more, in order to pilot the ship? in the course or TWA?
They are not equals in the VOR program.
Post by iconPost by redcobra | 2014-10-30 | 13:46:25
Another question regarding the TWA feature: what is the difference between the red and the blue line? Thanks
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-10-30 | 14:47:37
They are the loxodrome (rhumb line) and orthodrome (great circle)

You get the former by sailing at fixed heading, and the latter by sailing towards fixed destination.
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