Post by iconPost by Wetedge4 | 2015-02-09 | 06:54:53

Hi all, I would like to paste my zezo track into VRtool so I can use the scheduler alarms, I was using the web app @ to accomplish this, but the page is now gone.

I have also tried the Excel program from
but I get an error #5. I'm assuming that zezo has changed since that program was written.

Can anyone give me a new solution? I don't have any programming skills of any kind, so the simpler the better :)

Thanks for any info!!

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Post by iconPost by Wetedge4 | 2015-02-13 | 04:18:22
No one? Is this process gone for ever? :(
Post by iconPost by Sir_Petrus | 2015-02-14 | 00:26:54
I have excel working and I found it here in this forum.
Sorry I can not remember where.

Hope you find it or someone tells you were.
Post by iconPost by cyberpi | 2015-02-16 | 10:13:47
I am interested too. Could you put your excel file in a dropbox ?

Post by iconPost by Wetedge4 | 2015-02-16 | 17:55:41
Here is the file you requested. It is Zezopourvrtool v6.2.xls

I was sent this file the other day by a gracious zezo/vrtool user. I was having trouble getting versions 5 & 6 to work, he said there was something wrong with the time format and fixed it. Hope it helps you as it did me.
Post by iconPost by cyberpi | 2015-02-17 | 23:24:17
Thanks but the file is corrupted :(
Post by iconPost by Wetedge4 | 2015-02-18 | 10:18:59
Hmmm, does the file load in excel or are you getting runtime error once in excel?
Post by iconPost by cyberpi | 2015-02-18 | 13:19:22
No, when I load the file in Excel it says it's not a recognized format... Also it apperars to be zipped..
Post by iconPost by Peelman | 2015-02-19 | 00:27:56
Post by iconPost by headless_monkeyman | 2015-02-24 | 10:09:12
I unzipped the file and dug into it with a binary "can opener" and found that file is really old - so old you would have to be running XP and a version of Office no newer than 7 to get into it. If you could get into it gracefully though it might contain starter source for a new tool.

While a common fault of nearly all programmers is a tendency to want to throw away old code and start things "better, cleaner,fresh", programming a fresh tool in this case might just be easier.

ps: it is stored on dropbox as a xls, it is zipped for download if you are not logged in to your own drop box account. Otherwise it comes in the xls format.
Post by iconPost by headless_monkeyman | 2015-02-24 | 10:38:57
A closer look - that file might be salvageable after all. I'll look for some spare time. Can someone get me access to a link with anything newer, or additional copies of the same to download and difference?
Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-03-11 | 22:30:32
Is this dead now?
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