Post by iconPost by lotsemann | 2015-02-10 | 13:25:52

Good morning!

Yet again, VR messes up and introduces unfairness to the game.

Like Wetedege, I had noticed the anomaly in the pilot boat and I could not believe the system would allow late joiners to take (such a big) advantage of it.

I was worried that I had made the wrong choice, or that the router had (finally) failed badly on me.

I "survived" a lot of problems in the last VOR, but I had never seen something like this -- and the absolute indifference of VR only makes it worse. It is like they do not care about the needs of their clients.

I love this game. However, this sort of things makes me think why I am spending time and waking up at 0200 local tome.

I am feeling like an idiot.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-10 | 14:50:09
Rule #1 - If you don't fuck it up, VR will.

Look on the bright side - at least it happened early in the leg. It's much worse losing 10 miles after you've already spent 20 days waking up at dark o'clock. Now we can sit back and enjoy the show.

Plus, a trip to Itajai is no good for you anyway ;-)

Not that I like the way they run the game with the mindset of Bulgarian cell carrier. Having a (de facto) monopoly in certain field does not improve customer care. You end up pissing off your regular customers as a price for acquiring new clients and earning more money.
Post by iconPost by lotsemann | 2015-02-10 | 19:20:42
What can I say after that? :D
Post by iconPost by Fair_Winds | 2015-02-10 | 20:42:50
VR has come to a decision/solution in this matter:
Post by iconPost by LS125ar | 2015-02-11 | 17:21:59
That explains boats popping up from nowhere 10 nm ahead....I could simply not understand how they made it. I thought I was doing well, and then VR throws in new boats in the front... Come on... this is not serious. And now they will amend by introducing some kind of penalty... after the finish.. even worse. You may win but you don't know until VR decides haha. I still remember when they introduced the new gate during the first leg "because the game should follow the same rules as the real regatta". Since when in a real regatta a late starter can enter the regatta in front of the rest? Well, Vestas may get the opportunity when they finish the new boat. Let's see :-)
Post by iconPost by GeorgeBest | 2015-02-11 | 22:00:30
I, George Best, started more than a day late and took the #1 position a day later. This was of course due to the pilot boat anomaly and not to my sailing skills. I can tell you that being in that position gave me mixed feelings. I didn't want to be there because I knew what anomaly had brought me there but on the other hand it felt good to be #1 be it for only half an hour because I received so many abusive messages which I all tried to answer that I forgot to look after my boat, made a mistake rounding a corner and clipped a pixel. That was that. End of story, end of glory.

The pilot boat 's speed has decreased now so they say. It looks to me as if it has been moored .. it's way too slow now. But anyhow, I just wanted to share this with you all.

Fair winds,

George Best
Post by iconPost by mpako | 2015-02-14 | 01:27:50
Hi George,

thanks for sharing, at lest we know, that the pilot boat was really fast.

perhaps you will beat us anyway

Post by iconPost by GeorgeBest | 2015-02-15 | 16:40:39
haha, thanks mpako !
I'll certainly try !
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