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Having read VR game rules multiple times and forums and past forums here and on VR I am still not clear on assessment of penalties for course changes. Many of the conversations are 'over discussed', thus never giving a final conclusion and would be nice to know in as simple of terms as possible if anyone truly knows. VR knows, but they are deaf and since I don't speak French, correspondence with them is useless. My questions are:

I am sure jibes and tacks incur a penalty, but what about small course changes of 1-5 degrees?

Is there more than one penalty applied in a 10 minute iteration if you do multiple course changes?? Same for Jibes/tacks?

What is the actual penalty?

Thanks in advanced. I know that VR rules indicate a penalty, but they haven't updated those rules from years ago from what I can tell, and there has been talk about them not being accurate. "After all, it's just a game" in the words of the VR video after the pilot boat fiasco a week ago; yeah, a game many pay for extras, compete for prizes, and spend countless hours and missed sleep to play!! VR's attitude sucks! Ciao, and great racing. As of this morning all three packs are within hours of each other and any route could produce the winner.

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Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-02-16 | 00:06:44
Thanks for the post. I have enjoyed racing along side you not because you are of my country (unless you are playing with the flag, as has been done) but of the competitive heart I sense. Reading the above I also sense the indignation many of us feel here because of this host.

The list is long...The quote from the video you mention also inferences that we, the customer, should have told them about this sooner. Really. I think some of you did. "Shit Happens also indicates lack of sensitiveness, evasiveness and irresponsible actions or thought. I tore up the paper for the rest.

Sorry not to answer your question but I cannot reference a location that makes it official. I understand the part about changing sails and sail directions and Bigamist insists were are not penalized for routine course (tuning) changes. Behind the screen I see I have no clue.

Enjoy the game...the fun infighting like the climb up and rounding Luzon. That was a blast.
Post by iconPost by smallcraftwarning | 2015-02-16 | 03:12:15
Someone is going to have to create two new boats and run a speed test. Wouldn't need to buy prosails - just start them at the same time and make several 1 degree adjustments to one's course and leave the other's constant and see if the one making the adjustments falls back over time. Anyone with the motivation to do this please report back to the group!
Post by iconPost by cyberpi | 2015-02-16 | 10:12:23
From what I have understood:

- Penalty is reduced speeed (50%) for two minutes.

- There is a penalty for a) changing sail and/or b) jibs and tacks (if you do both you only get one penalty). So, there is no penalty for small courses changes, unless you change sail.

- If you manually change your route multiple times during an iteration (eg, 07-16) only one penalty may apply (it's the last change that is taken into account).

- However, if you program your route changes you may get multiple penalties.
Post by iconPost by obloviate | 2015-02-16 | 12:53:52
Thanks all, one would think that something that is done more than anything else in a VR race would be spelled out clearly and amended when changed, but then one has to examine the source...VR!

RickW, you hit the nail on the head with some of your references. Don't know your boat name, but will take your word about our battle around Luzon and may as well blame you for shoving me on the beach on the north tip :) I feel better now. I was pissed, as I was sitting at my computer and made the course change to the north and saw the boat turn, but the next refresh I did my computer was locked and evidently never sent my turn to the game! Can't wait for the land coming up and marvel at how this game mimics offshore sailing in a number of ways, as land more often is the danger out there too, not the sea.

BTW, I am American and my boat isn't named after a movie star ;) Good racing.
Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-02-16 | 13:21:23
LOL. You didn't call for shore room.

You are 14 miles off my port rail. Milpitas Seville.
Post by iconPost by sisata_pekarka | 2015-02-16 | 20:41:56
hi all
I have recently asked the same question on VR forum
i asked them to answer exactly what happens if you change your course one or more degrees and if it does not include tack/gybe/sail change at the same time, and I got the answer from someone from VR, I think Bigamist, YOU DON'T GET PENALISED.

so keep on steering!

Post by iconPost by 3dayslate | 2015-02-27 | 11:13:24
do the zezo calculations take account of the penalties?
Post by iconPost by Wetedge4 | 2015-02-27 | 17:02:23
Yes, the router takes penalties into account. One thing I have been wondering tho, and I assume Cvetan will have to answer this..... Does the router count the very first penalty when changing from one route to another.. ex> Router wants you heading 175*, then at forecast update, router changes to 35*, Does the router consider the penalty for changing from 175* to 35*?
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