Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-11 | 14:20:02

A new thread for status updates. Please keep on topic (bug reports and possible feature requests only)

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-11 | 14:27:15
I've updated the forecast display and the track tool to use the 3 hour wind interval.

The small detail is that "Now" means now, but 3h means "Next GFS forecast" and so on, so it could be anything from 10 minutes to 3 hours in the future. Maybe the proper way to do it would be to list the dates like "11/11 03Z" , but it will take more screen space.

The thicker isocrones correspond to exact 6-hour GFS times, which means that if you click a black dot and then hang over it the wind data in the dot info should be pretty close to the mouse cursor wind data.

The first dot should also be close because it is interpolated between the previous and next (relative to the current time) models.
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2016-11-14 | 13:06:00

Great tools.

Do you know at what times of the day the GFS forecast changes ?

Post by iconPost by TomekN_zegluj_net | 2016-11-11 | 14:53:05
Do you plan to implement the input boxes for longitude and latitude ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-11 | 15:49:15
Yes. But there may be even better option. Someone just sent me an idea.
Post by iconPost by gala5356 | 2016-11-11 | 19:00:37
great improvement on vendee globe, but now on the sodebo challenge it looks like you are using imoca polars instead of sodebo.
thanks anyway for all your time.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-11 | 19:50:32
Ooops. Thanks. Should be OK now. I'll add the other new features to the Sodebo race tomorrow and will need a beta testers because I don't play it, so drop me a note if you see something wrong.
Post by iconPost by gala5356 | 2016-11-11 | 20:06:05
many thanks , it looks ok now.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-11 | 20:31:45
Ok, by popular demand there are a lat/lon input fields now.

You can find the exact lat/lon in the 3D boat view.

BTW there might be a way to get the boat position with a Google Chrome extension as I did back for the 2011/2012 VOR, so stay tuned.
Post by iconPost by piguey33 | 2016-11-11 | 20:52:53
Congratulations for your very good work Cévetan. Thank you very much.
Post by iconPost by SAI | 2016-11-11 | 21:59:09
//...with a Google Chrome extension as I did back for the 2011/2012 VOR//

Give link please...
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-11 | 22:00:20
I have to write some code first.
Post by iconPost by Alexandria | 2016-11-11 | 23:08:16
Hi, Cvetan!

Great work!

I have been using qtVLM, so I can realize how good your work has been.


Alexandre ("Lotsemann", "Alexandria")
Post by iconPost by Kornog35 | 2016-11-11 | 21:22:35
Great job Cvetan ! thanks a lot !!!
Post by iconPost by hardy2 | 2016-11-11 | 22:42:06
Merci pour le travail et les efforts. Cordialement
Post by iconPost by urbicande | 2016-11-11 | 22:46:50
Thanks Cvetan !
Post by iconPost by Barnum | 2016-11-12 | 10:56:36
Very good job Cvetan !
Post by iconPost by QuiVaSadoVaMaso2 | 2016-11-12 | 11:13:21
Thank's a lot Cvetan...
Thanks to you for accompanying us through the bad changes of VR
Post by iconPost by citronnier | 2016-11-12 | 14:33:55
merci cvetan
Post by iconPost by THEJean_Kevin | 2016-11-12 | 15:07:52
I have a bug, when i select Next GFS forecast for example that of 72h. The wind don't change. We need to select now and press arrow(next wind) for see the changing wind
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-12 | 15:40:23
Thanks. Fixed. The 12-hour logic is hard-coded in a lot of places so drop me a note if you notice other oddities.

I never use that select box myself (other than an indicator for the current forecast). I'd rather click on the corresponding black dot and use the arrow buttons (or the <> keys on the keyboard) for increments.
Post by iconPost by enozniwt | 2016-11-12 | 19:39:24
Hi Cvetan!

Very nice job! Many thanks!
Post by iconPost by Ferrol | 2016-11-13 | 00:39:50
Congratulations for your very very good work, Cévetan. Thank you very very very much!!!
Post by iconPost by BenArfa | 2016-11-14 | 00:36:24
Hi Cvetan !
Very very nice job !!
I wanted to know which destination to choose and which track duration to take ?
Thank you in advance !
Post by iconPost by sudoeste | 2016-11-14 | 01:37:16
Hello Cvetan
Thanks for the fantastic help.
Can you tell us what time are the winds updated in the game and when are they updated in your simulator?
Thanks again
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-14 | 16:46:35
I download the winds from NOAA at 4,10,16,22h UTC at which times there are about 100h worth of forecast. The other 100 hours come a hour later - 5,11,17,23Z

The game seems to mirror the winds as soon as they come out from NOAA but it's not clear when the new data starts affecting your boat.

What I'm doing is to start with the +6h GFS. The timeline goes something like that (same for the other three 6-hour periods):

12-15h UTC - wind is interpolated between the 6Z+6 and the 6Z+9 models *corresponding to 12h and 15h actual time.

15-18h UTC - wind is interpolated between 6Z+9 and 6Z+12

18h UTC - 6Z+12 is replaced with 12Z+6, so the wind is interpolated betwwen 12Z+6 and 12Z+9 (with 12Z+6 being available as forecast starting from 16h)
Post by iconPost by THEJean_Kevin | 2016-11-14 | 19:29:31
Just a question, why you remove the 16 and 10 day routing? now we have a different road
Post by iconPost by pcayrol | 2016-11-14 | 19:56:07
I think it's because the forecast after 100 hours was not downloaded...
Now it's possible agin to route for 16 days...
Post by iconPost by pcayrol | 2016-11-14 | 19:55:08
Hi again Cvetan, I have a bugn on my Chrome navigator, when the combo box Winds is on NOW, the winds displayed near my mouse is always 180° - 0.54kt.
When I choose 3H or more it is ok...
Post by iconPost by NORTHKOREAN | 2016-11-15 | 07:38:18
Hi Cvetan,
It seems that this morning winds don't match

Post by iconPost by NORTHKOREAN | 2016-11-15 | 09:21:55
it seems now good
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-15 | 09:49:43
There was an error fetching the forecast in the morning, so I ran the download again. Thanks for the information.
Post by iconPost by regdu | 2016-11-15 | 12:17:50
Hi Cvetan
I am impressed by the quality of your work. I hesitated to register for the virtual regatta because the changes are not positive. But thanks to the adaptation of Zezo, I take again pleasure. A big thank-you.
Post by iconPost by QuiVaSadoVaMaso2 | 2016-11-15 | 18:18:21
Hello Cvetan
Is there a future extension for Firefox ?
Best regards
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-15 | 18:32:57
Few years ago the firefox extensions had a too steep learning curve and I gave up. I just checked and it seems that they are switching to google-like API so it might be easier to do it now.
Post by iconPost by RogStar | 2016-11-15 | 21:17:42
Hi Cvetan,

I found the smile, thanks a lot.
I used firefox, no problem, that function very well.
Great job, thanks again.
Post by iconPost by Mcdev | 2016-11-15 | 19:26:49
Amazing work Cvetan ! !

What is your boat name ? I found a, with a very late start ;)
Do you have another ?

Best regards !

Post by iconPost by JOSEPHINE | 2016-11-15 | 23:27:01

Hi Zezo,

What about the "no go zone" south around the Antartic Ocean ?
VR seems not to have given the details yet, but maybe could we take the same limit as the real boats ?

For now, your point 50S / 20E seems to be out of it :-/

Do you plan something about it ?

Thank you so much !
Post by iconPost by urbicande | 2016-11-15 | 23:57:21
For info, seen on the Facebook page virtual regatta:
Virtual Regatta Official Page Hello, this year an ice limit will soon appear. You will have to avoid crossing it under penalty of seeing the speed of your boat being slowed down. Concerning the course, the Cape of Good Hope will be left to port and the buoy at Cape Horn before returning to the finish at Les Sables d'Olonnes.
Post by iconPost by pados75 | 2016-11-16 | 15:56:50
I have a bug with the route calculation that goes to max +220h or 9 days. It never leverages the full 16d of wind data. Is that normal?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-16 | 16:06:41
The 3-hour GRIBs are available for only 10 days.
After that the data comes in 12-day periods.

Which is not a problem that can't be handled, but even the 10 day data for the South Atlantic has so much uncertainty that 6 more days of routing may actually make the things worse.
Post by iconPost by pados75 | 2016-11-16 | 18:42:58
Definitely agree with the uncertainty. I find it interesting to see calculated route fluctuate from prediction to prediction. I tend to give more importance to the route that comes up most frequently ;-)
Thanks so much for your efforts!
Post by iconPost by matuzalem | 2016-11-17 | 17:13:03
Hi Cvetan,
VR added limits of the exclusion zone.
Would it be possible to take them into account when routing?
Thank you very much ;)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-17 | 17:36:27
Where can I find a list/description of the gates/exclusion zones?
Post by iconPost by matuzalem | 2016-11-17 | 17:51:46
The limits are materialized on the game now, but I don't know where can find all these coordinates, perhaps on the official website of the Vendee Globe ?
Post by iconPost by meteo79niort | 2016-11-17 | 17:52:05
Here, on page 25

Mark: Latitude: Longitude:
1 42°00.00'S 000°00.00'E
2 42°15.00'S 005°00.00'E
3 42°30.00'S 010°00.00'E
4 42°45.00'S 015°00.00'E
5 43°00.00'S 020°00.00'E
6 43°30.00'S 025°00.00'E
7 44°00.00'S 030°00.00'E
8 44°30.00'S 035°00.00'E
9 45°00.00'S 040°00.00'E
10 45°00.00'S 045°00.00'E V0 --> V1
11 45°00.00'S 050°00.00'E V0 --> V1
12 46°30.00'S 055°00.00'E V0 --> V1
13 49°00.00'S 060°00.00'E
14 50°00.00'S 065°00.00'E
15 50°30.00'S 070°00.00'E
16 50°00.00'S 075°00.00'E
17 50°00.00'S 080°00.00'E
18 50°00.00'S 085°00.00'E
19 49°00.00'S 090°00.00'E
20 48°00.00'S 095°00.00'E
21 47°00.00'S 100°00.00'E
23 46°00.00'S 110°00.00'E
24 46°00.00'S 115°00.00'E
25 46°00.00'S 120°00.00'E
26 47°50.00'S 125°00.00'E
27 49°40.00'S 130°00.00'E
28 51°30.00'S 135°00.00'E
29 51°30.00'S 140°00.00'E
30 51°30.00'S 145°00.00'E
31 52°00.00'S 150°00.00'E
32 52°30.00'S 155°00.00'E
33 53°00.00'S 160°00.00'E
34 53°30.00'S 165°00.00'E
35 54°00.00'S 170°00.00'E
36 54°30.00'S 175°00.00'E
37 55°00.00'S 180°00.00'E
38 55°30.00'S 175°00.00'W
39 55°30.00'S 170°00.00'W
40 55°00.00'S 165°00.00'W
41 54°00.00'S 160°00.00'W
42 53°00.00'S 155°00.00'W
43 53°00.00'S 150°00.00'W
44 53°00.00'S 145°00.00'W
45 53°00.00'S 140°00.00'W
46 53°00.00'S 135°00.00'W
47 53°00.00'S 130°00.00'W
48 53°00.00'S 125°00.00'W
49 53°30.00'S 120°00.00'W
50 54°00.00'S 115°00.00'W
51 54°30.00'S 110°00.00'W
52 55°00.00'S 105°00.00'W
53 55°30.00'S 100°00.00'W
54 56°15.00'S 095°00.00'W
55 57°00.00'S 090°00.00'W
56 58°00.00'S 085°00.00'W
57 58°30.00'S 080°00.00'W
58 58°30.00'S 075°00.00'W
59 58°00.00'S 070°00.00'W
60 57°00.00'S 065°00.00'W
61 56°00.00'S 060°00.00'W
62 55°00.00'S 055°00.00'W
63 53°00.00'S 050°00.00'W
64 51°00.00'S 045°00.00'W
65 48°00.00'S 040°00.00'W
66 46°00.00'S 035°00.00'W
67 45°00.00'S 030°00.00'W
68 44°00.00'S 025°00.00'W
69 43°00.00'S 020°00.00'W
70 42°00.00'S 015°00.00'W
71 40°17.00'S 010°00.00'W
72 41°15.00'S 005°00.00'W
Post by iconPost by TomekN_zegluj_net | 2016-11-17 | 17:52:15
Hi Cvetan,

They are avaiable on their Forum (Now Called Club House) in topic
Virtual Regatta Offshore - Current Race - Vendée Globe 2016-17 - Limite des Glaces
and also here
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-17 | 18:05:17
That will require some work to do properly, but I'll add the first 3-4 point as gates, maybe add a red line to the chart and then see how it works and how many points are actually needed.
Post by iconPost by dragem | 2016-11-21 | 15:02:23
Hi and thanks a lot for this great work.

How can we avoid the tool to lead us through the ice zone?
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2016-11-25 | 23:53:38
Zezo, can't you consider the exclusion zone as land ?
Post by iconPost by QuiVaSadoVaMaso2 | 2016-11-17 | 20:46:06
So nice, good work Cvetan..
Go on and enjoy ourselves.
Post by iconPost by ldmpub | 2016-11-18 | 10:32:00

Many thanks for this marvelous tool!

I have a suggestion / improvement where is the good place to put it?

(Note: I will wait 'till the Ice Exclusion Zone is fixed ... I knwo there is only one man behind zezo!).

Have a nice day,
Post by iconPost by WaterHammer | 2016-11-18 | 18:43:51
Hi Cvetan, since an hour or so I seem to get different routes at random. One in which the wind predictions are consistent with the planning wind desccriptions. And one in which these are different. Is something going wrong with the winds?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-18 | 22:03:54
Looks like one of the load-balancing servers did not get the last grib update. I just came home and noticed the same thing - display winds different from the routing. Did not investigate much, just ran the sync script.
Post by iconPost by WaterHammer | 2016-11-19 | 00:52:59
It's fine now, thanks a lot!
Post by iconPost by Spica31 | 2016-11-18 | 18:47:22
Hello Cvetan

Post by iconPost by Spica31 | 2016-11-18 | 18:52:28
Hello Cvetan

Sorry for the previous post, my finger slipped.

Thanks a lot for the lat/lon boxes, that makes the router usable in spite of the VR mess.

In the recent new destination points, Go to 45S40W should read Go to 45S40E, but that's not a problem as Go to Ice4 is tha same routing.

Great work and great support !
Post by iconPost by pcayrol | 2016-11-19 | 10:12:18
Hi again Cvetan, I post again the following bug :

I have a bug on my Chrome navigator : when the "Wind Time" combo box is on NOW, the winds displayed under my pointer's mouse is always 180° - 0.54kt. Do you have an idea ?
It works on Firefox...

When I choose 3H or otehrs prevs, it is ok...


Post by iconPost by Chporgne | 2016-11-19 | 11:57:26
Hi Paco,

I have the same problem, with Firefox too.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-19 | 12:57:18
This happens before the wind data is loaded, but should fix itself when the data arrives (in the form of png images)

I tried with a simulated slow connection via the dev tools and it works for me, even with a "GPRS link" with a 2-minute load time.

Can you open a dev tools window and check for errors in the console? Also check the result codes of the 201611*.png files.
Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2016-11-20 | 00:12:51
I was able to reproduce this error with Chrome54/Linux.


It seems ff tracks display is on, current wind
and eight forecasts
are loaded and the tooltip works correctly.

When 'tracks' display is off and you reload, only the current wind is loaded (!) but not displayed in the tooltip. No forecasts are loaded.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-20 | 12:13:33
Hmm the track tool is the key. The code relies on it to load the first 24 hours of data.

The "0h" data is interpolated between two files, so in the example above you would need both 19_21.png and 20_03.png

I'll try a fix now. Drop me a note if it's still wrong (or something else breaks)
Post by iconPost by enozniwt | 2016-11-20 | 08:54:00
Same problem as Paco, and rhis morning winds are different as VR. In my area, 14.5 knts 011°, on VR and 8.2 knts 067°...
Post by iconPost by enozniwt | 2016-11-20 | 10:47:11
No way... The bug was between the chair and the keyboard. ;-)
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2016-11-21 | 16:14:32
Hello Cvetan,

Quick question on how to use the routing: when a "black dot" indicates "Heading 152" and "TWA 55), does it mean that we should use a fixed heading (to 155), or a fixed TWA (55)?
Also what is the difference between the thin red and black lines showing the best route?

Thx for your answer.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-21 | 16:45:17
The red line is the exact router output. The black line is attempt to straighten the track a bit. It's a leftover from the time of the wind squares where it made sense. Now with the interpolated wind it does not do much good.

About the heading/TWA - the best approach is to use the track tool to find suitable approximation, because it's hard to see the winds changing over time.

Which reminds me of a useful visualization mode that the router lacks now - Wind barbs along the track. I had that in the very beginning when there was no global wind display and have also seen in in the output of real world routing software.
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2016-11-21 | 19:35:48

Your tool is really great. I'm really wondering how you manage to draw so quickly the isochones. I guess a lot of optimizations compared to "brute force" calculations.

Also i think an improvement would be to change the isochrones delta:
10 minutes for next 12h, and then every one hour? Maybe you do that already, without showing it?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-21 | 19:45:15
You can't really brute force the entire solutions space - it grows exponentially. There is a lot of fine tuning and performance optimization indeed.

The step increases over time - the approach I'm using actually needs it to work well. The step is 10 minutes for the first 6 hours, then 20 minutes up to 24 hours, 30 minutes for the next day and then 1 hour up to the end of the forecast.

There is some (slightly outdated) info in the about page, and in some forum posts going back 6-7 years.
Post by iconPost by petole | 2016-11-23 | 22:20:47
Hello Cvetan
we are getting closer and closer to Ice4 set point. Could you please insert the next on, and mark the ice zone ?
Thanks a lot
Post by iconPost by Djumbo48 | 2016-11-25 | 22:55:37
Arghhhhh they have updated the app.
can anyone see the coordinates of the mouse now ???
Is there a possibility to locate where to position waypoints ?

Post by iconPost by Djumbo48 | 2016-11-25 | 22:55:38
Arghhhhh they have updated the app.
can anyone see the coordinates of the mouse now ???
Is there a possibility to locate where to position waypoints ?

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2016-11-25 | 23:37:34
You have to turn on the anemometer tool and use that. Then it'll show the location, windspeed, etc, at the location of the tool. Really annoying. Hopefully temporary.
Post by iconPost by Djumbo48 | 2016-11-25 | 23:44:15
I found it thanks YourMomSA... but how long will they keep it.
They are working hard to make zezo useless.
It's a really a shame !
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-25 | 23:46:42
That anemometer actually comes from the mobile version where there is no mouse cursor. Someone deployed the mobile app to our desktops ;-)
Post by iconPost by Djumbo48 | 2016-11-25 | 23:49:26
Hi Cvetan,
Just in case they decide to totally suppress the anemometer coordinates : what would be great is to be able to draw a line over the zezo map and to know the length of this line and direction between start and end.
It would maybe help to postition waypoints as it's what is displayed at the bottom of the screen when you select one waypoint.
Post by iconPost by NOR7034 | 2016-11-26 | 15:25:48
Hello Cvetan!

What is the status of the green TWA track lines in VG and Sodebo? Does it compensate for the changing weather along the course, or is it only correct for a limited time from the starting point?

Also, - could You please make the polar diagram on the map for the Sodebo Challenge reappear? It disappeared some days ago.....

Thank You!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-26 | 16:51:35
The track uses time-interpolated data. With the limitation of the existing differences.

No idea where the polars.html went in the sodebo directory, but fixed it.
Post by iconPost by Manu-PB | 2016-11-27 | 17:10:09
The lat/lon input fields are no longer working today : have to set "starting point" with the mouse.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-27 | 17:26:39
Ooops. A bug when the latitude = 0. Fixed.
Post by iconPost by joebar | 2016-11-27 | 18:25:40
you probably meant when longitude=0... it's been a long time we crossed the equator ;-)

Thanks Cvetan for correcting it so quickly
Post by iconPost by jg | 2016-11-27 | 19:51:28
Thank you for this amazing tool ! This is outstanding work.

I must be missing something but the routing sends me through the ice zone. How can I avoid this ?

Thank you,
Post by iconPost by koko85 | 2016-11-27 | 21:34:31
Post by iconPost by mathfdb | 2016-11-27 | 23:39:02
please just read the forum before asking, you could have find that Cvetan is looking for a solution but i guess this is quite anoying to be asked ten times the same thing while you are trying to answer it since 5 days!

thanks again cvetan !
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-28 | 08:56:43
The ice zone is ready. It's actually 10 lines of code, but I had to spend some time with the family during the weekend.
Post by iconPost by Barnum | 2016-11-28 | 10:57:08
Sure, your family is more important !
Post by iconPost by Pousstoidlakeuj | 2016-12-02 | 15:12:07
I find our boats go faster than the prediction in zezo.
Meteo79Niort in the forum of VR say there is a modification of 6,7% of our speed.
What do you think about that ?
Many thanks
(Sorry for my english !)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-12-02 | 18:15:16
The problem may actually be the wind speed.

I'm working on a version that better matches the game interpolation. In fact it's almost ready but I want to do some more testing.

Right now I see boat speed 14.7 with wind 17.8 and TWA 148. The chart says 14.67/17.8.

Don't forget to check your pro sails option too if you need it.

I'll also check the polars one more time. VR updated them at the start of the race and there could be further changes for certain points of sail.
Post by iconPost by Pousstoidlakeuj | 2016-12-02 | 19:05:20
Thanks for your answer.
Meteo79Niort says that all is correct in the screen (speed, wind, TWA, polars), but finally we go faster than announced...
Many times the winds in zezo are OK, but I go further than the prediction.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-12-02 | 19:23:12
I go faster than the game interface projection. Went under the red line once because of that.

The other time I crossed the line was sailing pure East, heading 90, but the boat still moved South a bit.

It's tricky with the time-interpolated winds. Do you sample the wind at 10-minute interval or at the 5th minute (for the Vendee), if it's 10 minute is it the previous or the next 10 minute and so on.
Post by iconPost by Pousstoidlakeuj | 2016-12-02 | 19:50:31
Two days before, my heading was 90°.
I don't remember the speed, wind, etc, but after 3 or 4 hours I remember that I was about 6/7 milles ahead of the prediction of zezo, without great variations of wind between VR and zezo : I know it because I was at home and check regularly my position. And many persons in the forum of VR see the same...

"Do you sample the wind at 10-minute interval or at the 5th minute (for the Vendee), if it's 10 minute is it the previous or the next 10 minute and so on." : I don't understand that, sorry !
Post by iconPost by JOSEPHINE | 2016-12-03 | 21:54:04
Hi Zezo,

Question : sometimes, in your interface, the wind is for example 310°, the routing advice :
Heading 87°, TWA 140°
I do you explain this ? Should be TWA 137, isn't it ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-12-04 | 14:24:56
This is interesting question ;-)

The router seems to have a lot of noise in the first step with heading 5 degree off the following course. I try to filter it out but it does not always work.

Will have to take another look at that issues. Part of the logic leftover from the days of the wind squares and the may be better solution with the current wind system.
Post by iconPost by Pousstoidlakeuj | 2016-12-05 | 11:21:36
Sorry to insist with my idea about the speed.
I test every day, during 4, 5, 6 or 7 iterations, and every day I find the speed is about 106,5 % of the speed announced by VR in my screen or in the polars.
(Many persons confirm that in the forum of VR)
Everytime I am ahead of the predictions of zezo.
Would it be possible to modify the polars in zezo ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-12-05 | 23:47:46
I heard from different source that the multiplier is 1.06.

That can be applied to the function that calculates the boat speed.

Then the Earth radius constant might be slightly different. Which can also be fixed. Stay tuned.
Post by iconPost by petole | 2016-12-06 | 07:37:10
A quelle moment de chaque dizaine de minutes (rythme de màj) VR met il à jour l'affichage la position ? (je crois 05'40")
et à quelle minute de la dizaine correspond elle ?
bonne journée à tous
Post by iconPost by hungsea | 2017-01-18 | 11:08:18
I use the VG 2016 android application (version 2016 dec.) on my Samsung A3 (Android version: 5. Lollipop) I will finish the game and I was absolutly satisfied with them. I found just a small bug in the smartphone version: if I switch on the 3D view the wake (the trace waves behind the ship) appears not behind the sailboat, but before, which is wrong. On my regular desktop PC (on Chrome, or Mozilla browser) the wake appears behind the sailboat, so it is correct. I made a photo from my smartphone screen, but I can't upload it, but I found this phenomena here as well:
Can you help us to solve this bug?

Many thanks! Sail safe!
Post by iconPost by tommmmy | 2017-01-19 | 21:28:17
hell Cvetan.
this message just to thank you
my boat is a no prosails, and you helped me to arrive at the same time as Lolo Peyron
great and TY !!!!!
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