Post by iconPost by Flexible | 2017-11-22 | 12:29:39

Hello all,

For First, i'm almost banned from Vr's forum because i tried to share the following issue with all of you. (This morning i posted a new message on the Forum, it stayed almost 10 minutes, and it has been erased by Vr Crew, and i'm warned that i'm going to be banned if go on that way, and if i tell this to the community.)

So i explain :
During the TJV, at the beggining of the race, my boat grounded during half an hour, impossible to leave from the always came back on this (fucking) beach.
I opened a post on Vr's forum about this, it's still open.
...anyway, this is not the problem.

The problem is here :
I told the vr'support about the bug, and asked what happened.

This is the answer (it's in french sorry...:-) :

/// Bonjour,

Merci de nous avoir contactés.

Nous sommes désolés que vous ayez rencontré ce souci sur Virtual Regatta. Il s’agit en effet d’un bug qui est actuellement connu des développeurs, et ils travaillent d’arrache-pied à sa résolution.
Aussitôt que le problème sera résolu, nous allons vous replacer au coeur de la flotte afin que vous ne soyez pas désavantagé. Une petite compensation en crédits vous sera également remise ;)

Veuillez accepter nos excuses pour ce désagrément.

Passez une très belle journée. ///

So ... it's clearly written, that as an apologize for this known bug, they offered me to replace my boat. (and some credits, 500 credits).

I refused the replacement for those reasons :
1/ because i considered this as cheating.
2/ because there is no true place to replace the boat...i won't go further on this subject, i'm sure that all of you understand what i mean.

So if they are able to offer me this boat replacement, it's almost sure that it's not the first time they do, and almost sure that some players are able to accept it.

It's really unfair, i mean...they can do what they want and put a boat at a lovely position if the want....And it's know clear that they do it, this email from Jessica is an evidence !

I have screenshot of the Jessica'email, but don't know how to post it here. Anyway, not sure is relaly needed. But if someone want tho see it, jsut ask me.


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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-11-22 | 13:24:51
This would not be a problem at all if it was written in the rules somewhere.

There is the so called "pilot boat" for players who join the race later. It would be acceptable to restart from that position (it is not very far behind the main fleet in the first hours)

But you have a point. If 10 players are grounded and only one asks and receives a restart that would be unfair to the others. There should be clear rules about it.
Post by iconPost by Flexible | 2017-11-22 | 14:12:35
It's very different from the piloat boat.
The piloat boat always follow the same rule.
In this situation, no.

And as you said, if just one player, or more, but not all of them, ask and receive, what about the others ?
Lot of chances that it happened during the TJV...i was not the only one.

But when they offer to replace a boat after a bug, how can they choose the new position for the boat ?
The boat is replaced by a human who choose where he wants to put it, after calculating approx where the boat should be...This is not equitable.
Who knows what the player would have done in each situation, and where his boat is supposed to be ?? Anyone can know it !

I see that as something very arbitrary, and it should not exist on a race...

Post by iconPost by Zomil | 2017-11-22 | 16:23:49
I had the same problem and I was placed on the pilot boat, as promised, I also received a compensation in credits. I find it very correct from them especially as customer service has been very responsive and Jessica really kind.

I had a bug, like you
I contacted customer service, like you
I received a compensation in credits
I agreed to be relocated to the pilot -> so am I a cheater?

Any player who joins the race after the start is a cheater?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-11-22 | 16:28:24
Then we should all have a button to reset the race to the pilot boat, no? 1 time/leg or maybe 3.

Game can't be fair without stated rules. What happens if I make wrong strategical decision, fall behind the pilot boat and then ground my boat to have an excuse to get compensation?
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2017-11-22 | 17:23:48
Very responsive ? lol. I met the same issue, contacted them by the very same medium than Flexible, but they NEVER replied.

As for your question, I think "Cheating" is overratted here. Cheating is when an action is initiated from the player himself, and doing it hidden to the rest of the fleet.
Here, I wouldn't pretend it is cheating. However, it is still not fair at all, because some boats take a benefit from the tech support, while some others (most ?) don't.
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