Post by iconPost by UR2L8 | 2017-12-21 | 10:50:13

Zezo suggest TWA port 130 all the way up to 13:00 CET
But Everyone close to me continues with TWA 120 to 125

What am I missing? I am usually not this high up in the race, so I am guessing the skippers close to me have more experience and knowledge than I have, and can take decisions based on other things but zezo. I cannot. If zezo is not up and running one day, I am totally blind :)
So what do my neighbouring captains know that I don't?

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Post by iconPost by Pen Glops I | 2017-12-21 | 10:54:08
J'ai le même problème… 😉

I have the same problem… 😉
Post by iconPost by UR2L8 | 2017-12-21 | 11:01:57
I just realized... if I go with 130 I need to change from C0 to LG, and that .... nah, I am not sure I want to do that :-D

Edit: Might be worth it with the sailchange, so now I have done it. Gotta trust in Zezo :-)
Post by iconPost by MichelleWhy | 2017-12-21 | 12:03:32
At some point you have to change to LG. No way to avoid that ;) I tried to stay as long as possible with the C0, choosing a more straight route until next GFS update. That kept me below 127� TWA for quite some time for better VMC.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-12-21 | 12:21:01
You might also want to avoid sailing in the crossover point at TWA 127. Better switch from 125 to 129. I was not online and probably lost 5-6 places because of it.
Post by iconPost by MichelleWhy | 2017-12-21 | 14:51:33
Ha, yes. That's what happened to me too and what I like about this style of racing. So many factors . It's not just following a route set by a router.
Post by iconPost by LJadra | 2017-12-21 | 19:20:30
Crossovers are really a nightmare, especially with autosails. Few days ago it costed me four sail changes in 12 min. aprox 0,8 nm :(
Post by iconPost by MichelleWhy | 2017-12-21 | 21:16:09
That's why you won the race "so easily" :D Congrats mate!
Post by iconPost by Rostef | 2017-12-21 | 19:07:34
And maybe also: this time, for me it was a minute or 2 faster to not point at the center of the finish circle but going a bit more north. The router is set for the center though.
Plus, that helped to keep my TWA above 117 to avoid a sail change back to C0. But that was because I was trailing. For the leading boats this shift was not an issue...
Post by iconPost by KelpiedSinglePlayer | 2017-12-21 | 19:08:35
He he .... I didn't have such a problem for the simple reason that I didn't have LG even not HG... only C0... so my problem was a bit different but... i was not so frustrated to not have this headaque...
Morality : sail light(SO), sail happy...
Ranking 305 on VOR LEG3 with only C0, Foils, polish and pro winch
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-12-21 | 19:26:56
Not bad. My "winch foil reach" boat is around 1000. No polish, though.
Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2017-12-21 | 19:31:04
Well done!
I finished 591th with the same options, 1:01 behind the winner. Achieved my best rank throughout the race on the finish line so I'm quite happy. What was your time?

Post by iconPost by KelpiedSinglePlayer | 2017-12-21 | 19:09:28
.... ouppps... and zezo, thanks to Cvetan...
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